Breast Lift Scars: Are They Healing Correctly?

Please give me your expert opinion on my scars. At times I feel as though they are healing nicely then I look at my nipples and they are such odd shaped. Will I improve more as time goes by?
I had my surgery on 3.9.11, breast lift with 375cc HP implants. As you can see by the pictures my right breast has not dropped as much as my left, I am a bit worried about that due to when I work out, my right breast moves a lot more when I am lifting. (only 5 or 8 lb weights)

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Breast lift scars appear to be healing normally.


You are only 8 weeks from surgery, and neither your scars nor your implants have reached their final appearance! That will take about 6-12 months, with gradual and ongoing changes along the way. Final breast shape is related to both, and as your tissues heal and stretch, and your scars mature and soften, your final results will be revealed. In most cases it's worth the wait!

Though your photos do not show significant discrepancy (particularly for this point in your recovery), an elastic bandeau worn above the "high" breast implant side and below the "low" implant side (at night only) will help to even out position differences. During the day, going braless as much as work and social activities allow will aid in implants dropping into their final position.

Implant movement exercises can help your implant pocket stay open (and the breast soft), and can in some cases help to stretch it slightly, allowing more similar movement when your chest muscles contract. Move your implant on the "tighter" side more vigorously to help stretch the capsule. Can't hurt; might help!

Vitamin E scar massage, silicone scar pads, and ultraviolet avoidance will all aid your scars in fading as much as possible. Remember, however, no matter how skilled we are in suturing your incisions, all scars are permanent. Best wishes!

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Healing breast lift scars


Breast lift scars can start out quite thin and then over several weeks become more pink and noticeable before the scars mature and fade in. Your scars look fine for two months of healing. The shift of your breast implants when lifting is due to the submuscular implant pocket.

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Breast scars after Breast lift


It looks like your scars are pretty normal at this early stage.  It looks from the photo like you are using an ointment on the scars.  If this is an antibiotic ointment such as Neosporin, then you should discontinue this as long as there are no open areas and the incisions are sealed.  You should move to something like a silicone gel sheeting or tape which can help the scars as they mature and lower the risk of hypertrophic (raised) scarring. i have my patients use this for about 4-5 months after a lift. 

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Breast lift scars--healing correctly?


At this early stage in your recovery, your scars look like they are healing reasonably well. There are many things your surgeon might recommend along the way, like massage and silicone sheeting, that can improve the appearance along the way. As far as the shape, you will have to allow more time for the scars to mature to see the final shape. And regarding motion of the implants, it's still early in your recovery.

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Breast Lift Scars: Are They Healing Correctly?


Your scars look typical for their stage of healing.

Patients need to be tolerant of minor differences as the healing proceeds. Remember that you didn't undergo one operation on 3.9.11, you had two separate procedures (the right breast and then the left).

Keep your followup appointments with your plastic surgeon, and all the best.

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Breast implants with lift. Scar question

Thank you for the photos.  It looks like the incisions are healing well at this point.  Scars will often look most red and raised at around 4 months, and better again at 10 months.  Check in with your board certified plastic surgeon as he/he may have a protocol for wound and scar care.  

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Breast lift scars are healing well

Thank you for your question.  Your breast lift scars look perfectly normal from your photograph.

However if you had your breast lift and augmentation almost 3 years ago as you state in your question then the shape will likely not change.  If in fact you are 3 years after surgery you should revisit your plastic surgeon for advice on how to improve the symmetry of your breasts.

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Breast Lifting and Scarring?


Thank you for the question and pictures.

For this stage in your recovery,  I think your scars are doing exactly what is expected. Overall, I think you are going to end up with very nice result when all is said and done.

I would suggest continued follow-up with your plastic surgeon.

Best wishes.

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Breast lift scars

Your scars look normal for this stage of the healing process. Your breasts are still settling down and have yet to reach their final shape. Breasts are always at least slightly asymmetrical and dropping may not occur simultaneously. Have a little patience.
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Scars after breast lift and augmentation


There doesn't seem to be anything abnormal about your pictures, and you are still early in the healing process in terms of implant position and scars.  Scars take a year or more to mature, and will often become less and less evident as time goes by.  Regarding areola shape, there is no "normal" shape, really.  Many patients have naturally ill-defined areolas where the color blends into the skin and it is hard to see the border, some have round or more oval areolas, big or small, and  there are no perfectly symmetric natural nipples...  we tend to try to make nipples very round and symmetric during surgery, but as you heal this may change a bit.  They may also assume a slightly different shape when you are lying down versus standing up. 

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