Sharp Twitching, Burning Feelings Normal After Breast Augmentation?

I had Breast implants from an A-cup to a D-cup. Overall, the pain is just uncomfortable. At times,I get real sharp twitches and a burning sensation, and if I breathe in deep, it gets quite painful, is this normal?

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Twitching and burning sensations can be normal after Breast Augmentation



Your body takes time to adjust to the implants and your muscles can spasm somewhat. This is probably what is going on. It gets better with time. I would make sure you follow-up with your surgeon as these things work themselves out. He or she may also have some suggestions to make the adjustment more smooth for you.

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Sharp pain with breathing following breast augmentation or enlargement with implants


Any time you have a sharp pain with breathing you should contact your physician to make sure there are no serious causes for the pain. In most instances this is due to nerve irritation and stretching from the procedure which will improve with time. However, there are more serious causes which need to be evaluated by your surgeon.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Sharp twitching after breast augmentation


Placing a breast implant either under or over the muscle may frequently result in intermittent burning, sharp, episodic sensations, starting from the rib cage and radiating towards the nipple. Our staff have christened these sensations "zingers".

The actual mechanism is stretch on the sensory nerves, which originate from the spinal cord and wrap around the chest to innervate the breast skin and nipple. While very alarming to patients, this is actually a positive sign that the sensory nerves have not been cut or damaged but merely stretched.

A nerve will try to reconnect with the area it normally supplied by emitting abnormal impulses or electric shocks. The good news is that these will resolve, without treatment, usually within 3-6 months after your op. I usually recommend that my patients gently massage, to distract your perception.

Lavinia Chong, MD
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