How to Make Your Boobs Bigger - Pills or Creams?

I have very small breasts, and really want to make them larger. I have been looking at different options, breast augmentation being one of my top choices, but also looking at breast enhancing pills. I'm afraid the hormones and estrogen in them might be dangerous, but of course the websites won’t tell you that! I don't have a lot of extra money for surgery, but I really feel like I want this not only for my self confidence, but overall for my personal happiness. Thanks!

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There are no pills or creams that work for breast enlargement

June 24th, 2010

Hormone therapy to increase breast size is not specific for the breast tissue,so unless you want to be fat and have big boobs, if not a realistic choice. Approximate 300,000 women have breast augmentation is performed in the United States every year,by board-certified plastic surgeons. The procedure is safe and not as expensive as you would think. Suction devices such as inconvenient, time-consuming, and not effective.

Consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon. Many offer financing programs also.

Joseph M. Perlman, MD

Joseph M. Perlman, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 8 reviews

Breast Augmentation Pills?

July 11th, 2014

Dear jrwheeler,
thank you for your post.
Breast augmentation pills/creams are very similar to penis enlargement pills/creams.  There are a lot of claims made that prey on insecurities, but do not give good or reliable results.  There are many forms of breast augmention, including multiple types of implants as well as fat grafting, that are safe and reliable.  You will be throwing money away on the unreliable or false claims of creams and pills, that you could have been saving for a real result.

Best Wishes, 
Pablo Prichard, MD

Pablo Prichard, MD

Pablo Prichard, MD
Phoenix Plastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 24 reviews

Pills or creams to make breasts larger

July 1st, 2014

There are no pills or creams that have been proven to increase breast size.  As a physician, not only do I think you would be wasting your money on any pills or creams claiming to do so, but I would also be concerned about the safety of using such products.

Samir S. Rao, MD

Samir S. Rao, MD
Chevy Chase Plastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 3 reviews

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Pills and creams to increase breast size

June 27th, 2014

Thank you for your question,

Currently, there are no safe and effective ways of increasing breast size with either pills or creams.  Please be advised that there are many products on the internet that may claim to do this, but they have not been proven efficacious.  It would be wise to save your time and money and refrain from engaging in these misleading ventures. 
Breast augmentation surgery is the only way to increase breast size.  It is a very common and safe operation in which an implant (either silicone or saline) is placed in the breast either above or below the pectoralis muscle.  Patients usually recover very well from this operation and are typically back to office desk work within 5 days.

If interested, a plastic surgeon in your area can discuss all the options available and what would be the best for you based on your physical examination.

Kunaal Jindal, MD

Kunaal Jindal, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

How to Make Your Boobs Bigger

June 25th, 2014

The breast consists of skin--gland--and fat. The only non surgical way to increase the breast-- is hormonal or weight gain. You can not absorb enough hormonal substances in a cream to significantly enlarge the breasts. The only way to make your breasts bigger -- is by undergoing Breast Augmentation ( w/ Implants). There is no non surgical -- easy way-- to achieve larger fuller breasts. Breast Augmentation has produced millions of happy women throughout the World. The products and the procedures are safer and more appealing than Ever!

Breast Enlargement Options

June 18th, 2014

Over the years there have been countless descriptions of ways to enlarge the breasts including hormones, external suction and more recently fat injections.  Traditional Breast Implants are still the most reliable way to achieve a predicable and lasting increase in size.

Richard L. Zeff, MD

Richard L. Zeff, MD
Portsmouth Plastic Surgeon
3.0 out of 5 stars 5 reviews

How to make breasts larger

June 12th, 2014

Surgery is the way to make breasts larger. Some women are afraid that breast augmentation surgery will give them an unnatural appearance. That does not have to be the case. Select your surgeon wisely, look at a lot of photos and you can have a very natural looking result

Michael Law, MD

Michael Law, MD
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon
4.5 out of 5 stars 37 reviews

Breast Augmentation is the Only Sure and Safe Way to Make Breasts Bigger

June 4th, 2014

The creams and potions and pills that are promoted to enhance your breasts do not have FDA drug approval.  They have no scientific basis or logical basis to work.  Messing around with hormones like estrogen without the guidance of a board certified physician can be very dangerous, so steer clear of that.  You are better off not wasting your money on such false hope, but to seek consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon.  The plastic surgeon can discuss with you options for breast augmentation.  Breast augmentation with breast implants is the most common cosmetic surgery performed year after year in the United States mainly because it is generally safe, patients are happy and recovery is reasonable.

Kent V. Hasen, MD

Kent V. Hasen, MD
Naples Plastic Surgeon
4.5 out of 5 stars 29 reviews

Creams don't work for BA

May 29th, 2014

Hi.  Save your money.  There is no cream or pill that has been shown to safely and effectively increase breast size long term.  The estrogen or phyto-estrogen pills have only a mild, temporary effect, at best.

So far, only surgical augmentation - either with an implant, or with fat grafting, gives a long lasting result.

Pills and Creams Will Not Safely Enlarge Your Breasts

May 25th, 2014

Thank you for your question. There are no pills or creams that will safely increase your breast size.A breast augmentation with implants is the most safe and predictable way to increase the size and better the shape of your breasts.

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