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How Soon After Breast Augmentation Can I Resume Activities?

How soon after Breast Augmentation can I start working or going to the beach? I'm planning to do my surgery during summertime.

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Activity following breast augmentation



Each surgeon has their own post operative preference.  In general post operative restrictions are designed to prevent certain complications and each category has a different time frame:

Day 1-7

Hematoma.  Keeping a low blood pressure and heart rate may prevent blood vessels which have been sealed from opening up.

Infection.  Avoiding submerging your incisions in water early will prevent possible infection

Day 8-14

Swelling:  Excessive excercise or activity may prolong post op swelling and tenderness.

In general, normal daily activities can be resumed post op day 1.  Some level of excercise can be begin day 14 and slowly increased until back to full activity.

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Different activities take different amounts of time to resume


The first question is where the implant is placed..above or below the muscle? I like my active patients to resume some activity as soon as possible. Walking , a treadmill or a stair master are all great to begin within a few days. Classes for fitness take a little longer due to the bouncing afffect which can be uncomfortable. Typically the full recovery with no restrictions is six to eight weeks. If the implant is under the muscle then no peck or lat activity for the full six weeks. These are my personal recommendations for my patients using my surgical technique. All the best.

Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Post op exercise


I tell patients to avoid formal exercise for one month post-op but they can walk as much as they want as of the day or surgery. Best of luck.

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Sun exposure and weight lifting after breast augmentation.


You can start going to the beach within 3 weeks but you should avoid sun exposure with a high spf sunblock or sunscreen with a spf of 30. Acitivities are somewhat limited for 3 weeks wheeby they began to slowily provide increasing resistance over the ensuing months.

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Working and sunning

Every surgeon has slightly different preferences - check with yours when scheduling your procedure.

Many patients with desk jobs can return to work after three days. People with active jobs may take a week to feel comfortable. You should not do any lifting, pushing, or strenuous arm activity for four weeks. No swimming (hot tub, pool, ocean) or baths for two weeks while your incisions heal- protect your investment! Avoid the sun for at least a week after surgery. You should keep your incisions covered with cloth and sunscreen for the first year to get the best possible scar.
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Breast Augmentation Recovery

Each surgeon has different viewpoints regarding return to activity after breast augmentation.For the most part, womencan return to most normal day-to-day activities such as driving within three to five days after breast augmentation.Many surgeons will caution a woman to restrict movement of the arm and shoulder area for a few weeks after the procedure.Unless a woman has a job that requires heavy lifting, most patients will return to work within one week.Normally, all restrictions can be lifted after one month.
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Activity after Breast Augmentation

In my practice, I require patients to avoid lifting more than 5 pounds for 2 weeks after surgery.  Generally, walking is fine within a few days of surgery and can be progressed after I see you at your first post op visit. There will be swelling after surgery which is normal.  Heat and sun at the beach can exacerbate the swelling so I would advise avoiding extreme heat and sun exposure for 4 weeks following surgery.
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Resuming activities after Breast Augmentation


I use a rapid recovery breast augmentation technique and my patients are resuming normal activities within days! Speak to your surgeon about his/her anticipated recovery. Not every surgeon uses rapid recovery techniques and I have heard of some patients being miserable for weeks.

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Every plastic surgeon has different recommendations as to when one can resume activities.


Generally speaking, I allow my breast augmentation patients to return to work within 2-5 days; however I prefer they do not drive for 3-5 days.  I do not have patients drive if they are taking any narcotics and ask them to wait to drive until they feel comfortable moving around freely.  They can resume light activity such as an elliptical or a stationary bicycle by one week and may run or jog by three weeks.  I do not alllow my patients to perform yoga, pilates, tennis or golf for 6-8 weeks following a subpectoral breast augmentation.

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Light Exercise Can Be Resumed At 2 Weeks & Strenuous Physical Activity Can Be Resumed at 6 Weeks


Concerns about the recovery period are very common amongst patients considering breast augmentation surgery.  It’s important to realize that every patient’s situation is unique.
Some patients have desk jobs, while others have jobs that involve heavy lifting.  Some patients have children, while others have significant support systems available to them.  Some patients have more extensive procedures, while some patients have a low pain tolerance.  All of these factors can impact the recovery period.
I generally recommend that patients take a week off from work.  Patients who have desk jobs may return sooner.  Light exercise can usually be undertaken at about two weeks, and strenuous physical activity can be resumed at six weeks.  At that time, I tell patients that they can return to full activity, without restrictions.
It’s important to remember that recoveries vary from patient to patient.  Everyone’s a little different, but most patients agree that the recovery wasn’t as difficult as they thought it might be.

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