How Soon After Breast Augmentation Can I Resume Activities?

How soon after Breast Augmentation can I start working or going to the beach? I'm planning to do my surgery during summertime.

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Activity following breast augmentation


Each surgeon has their own post operative preference.  In general post operative restrictions are designed to prevent certain complications and each category has a different time frame:

Day 1-7

Hematoma.  Keeping a low blood pressure and heart rate may prevent blood vessels which have been sealed from opening up.

Infection.  Avoiding submerging your incisions in water early will prevent possible infection

Day 8-14

Swelling:  Excessive excercise or activity may prolong post op swelling and tenderness.

In general, normal daily activities can be resumed post op day 1.  Some level of excercise can be begin day 14 and slowly increased until back to full activity.

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Resume activities after breast augmentation

I am sure that your surgeon will have definitive ideas about when she/he wants patients to resume activities after surgery. I would suggest following your surgeon's advice rather than information you will find online. Having said that the two most common complications immediately after breast augmentation are bleeding and infection. Therefore much of the post operative insturctions will be concerned about minimizing the risks of bleeding and infection. Things that increase heart rate or blood pressure are best avoided immediately after surgery as are things that can contaminate the surgical incision.

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Different activities take different amounts of time to resume

The first question is where the implant is placed..above or below the muscle? I like my active patients to resume some activity as soon as possible. Walking , a treadmill or a stair master are all great to begin within a few days. Classes for fitness take a little longer due to the bouncing afffect which can be uncomfortable. Typically the full recovery with no restrictions is six to eight weeks. If the implant is under the muscle then no peck or lat activity for the full six weeks. These are my personal recommendations for my patients using my surgical technique. All the best.

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Restrictions after Breast Augmentation

After Breast Augmentation limited activity varies during the 1st month post operative period. Weight limit is around 10 pounds for the first week, with no cardio or any blood pressure elevating activity. During the remaining three post op weeks, the weight restriction is 15 pounds and limited exercise. We advise our patients to avoid swimming for this period as well and to use sunscreen to healing incisons. Enjoy your summer!

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Breast Augmentation Recovery

Thanks for your question. I advise all of my patients to resume exercise and their normal activities around six weeks post-surgery. Every patient is unique and heals differently. Please follow up with your board-certified surgeon to discuss resuming your routine. 

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It’s best to ease back into work and leisure after a breast augmentation.

Each surgeon has his or her own timeline for post-operative recovery, but a general guideline is at least one week off from work. Depending upon the physicality or other demands of your job, two weeks may be necessary. Some ease back into work by telecommuting during the first two weeks. At the two week mark you can begin to resume gentle exercise, which means you can head to the beach. It’s recommended to avoid submersion in water for eight weeks after your surgery. (You can dip your toe in the water, but you shouldn’t swim.) Take great care to cover your incisions and protect them from sun exposure.

Post op recovery

Each surgeon is different.  On the one hand I want you feeling as normal as possoble by 24 hours post op.  On the other hand, I want you to protect your results and wait 2.5 weeks to get your heart rate up and sweat.  I would wait 6 weeks to lift more than 20 pounds.  You could definitely do things differently but I have had very problems with this protocol. 

Recommendations for Breast Augmentation Healing Times

Every surgeon you talk to you will have different guidelines - it's also important to listen to your plastic surgeon's recommendations as they are familiar with the particularities of your surgery. Generally speaking, though, we recommend that patients take a full week off of work, spending time resting and relaxing to maximize healing. About two weeks after your surgery you can start to exercise gently. This means you can enjoy some time beach side, but don't do any strenuous swimming. We generally recommend that breast augmentation patients refrain from baths, hot tubs, or other instances where your incisions might be submerged in water for 8 weeks after surgery. Make sure your incisions are covered and protected from UV exposure. 

Breast Augmentation and Getting Back to Work or to the Beach

After a breast augmentation you should not have much trouble getting back to work and doing things like going to the beach within a few days of your surgery. The rapid recovery protocol works very well to help with this. You will not be healed, meaning that you may still be a little sore but you can easily get back to work in 4 or 5 days and get out to the beach within a couple of days after your breast augmentation.

I have added a video and link to a page on recovery for you.

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Take care of your results

Breast augmentation is a short surgery which is typically performed as an outpatient. I prefer the patients take a week off from work. At that point they can return to work or school, but should refrain from all vigorous physical activity. At 1 month, they can resume cardio type exercises. At 2 months they can lift weights.

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