Breast Augmentation Incision Scars Too Low

its been 7 months since my augmentaion and the incision scar on my left breast is way too low under my breast crease. I have 470cc under the muscle, the right is a bit better but still lower. what can i do.

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Breast implant incisions too low


The first thing to determine is if the implants are in the right position.  If they are, then this is basically a technical error on the part of the doctor most likely.  If the implants re too high then lowering them may get them down to the crease level.  Ideally the scars should never be below the breasts, either in the crease or just barely above it.

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Too low scars for breast augmentation


IF your implants are too high, you could undergo bilateral lower pole capsulotomy to lower the implants and bring them to the level of the incisions. IF they are relatively short scars, excising them in a larger pointed ellipse with thoracoepigastric skin advancement and fixation to the chest wall could also help elevate the scars but they may be longer. Expansion and excision is possible but not advised.

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Inframammary breast incision


The final location of the breast implant incision in the inframammary fold may change with time.  Some are at the fold, some are above the fold, and some are below the fold.

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Breast augmentation scar too low


Is the breast augmentation scar too low, or perhaps the bottom of the implant too high?  Your surgeon's scar placement may have anticipated a degree of gravitational descent of the implant that has not materialized.

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Inframammary incision scar too low


The position of the scar is usually placed at or just above the inframammary fold of the breast. If the fold is too low, either it was placed there, or the fold has risen. This can happen in cases of capsular contracture or in total submuscular augmentation. If there is a capsular contracture, the treatment is to correct the contracture and properly set the fold. If the implant is in good position and the scar is simply too low, I recommend waiting at least 12 months to 2 years. Correction usually involves lowering the fold, so if the scar fades adequately, this is the best option.

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Breast Aug scar too low


Dear Jo123

First, go back to your doc and share your concern. If the distance from the scar to the areola is too great on the low side, the doc may try a small excision of skin above the scar. It may help.

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Breast augmentation scars

This is a difficult fix.  The one good thing is that in the life of scars, this is still early.  Scars may evolve and even become worse for the first six month.  It is only after approximately 18 months that color fades and scars become more refined.  Give it more time.  There are few options with changing placement once the incision is in place.  If the scar is hypertrophic (thick), the best treatment is silicone sheets applied over the scar.  Good luck!
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