Sitting After Brazilian Butt Lift

had a brazilian butt lift almost 4wks ago and even though ive done my best to not sit i cant help but be paranoid. so how will i know if ive caused a depression in my butt from sitting or if its just a natural lumpier area? im also confused as to why some doctors say you can sit right after and others say wait up to 4 wks! which is it? Does anyone really know how quickly the fat is resistant can be? Thnks!

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Sitting After a Brazilian Butt Lift

While there is no standardized sitting or recovery protocol following a Brazilian Butt Lift, many plastic surgeons recommend that patients:

1.  Avoid sitting for prolonged periods of time for 2-3 weeks

2.  Sleep on their stomach for at least 1 week

3.  Walk and stand the day following surgery

4.  Wear compression garments for 4-6 weeks over the areas where liposuction was performed

However, almost every plastic surgeon has their own sitting and recovery recommendations based on their specific surgical technique following a Brazilian Butt Lift.  If you've seen before and after photographs of your surgeon's previous Brazilian Butt Lift patients, like the results, and trust your plastic surgeon, I suggest you follow his/her recommendations for recovery.

After about 3-6 months the amount of transferred fat remaining in your buttocks will be stable for life.

Jaime Perez, M.D.

Brazilian Butt Lift Specialist in Tampa, Florida

Plastic Surgery Center of Tampa, Florida


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No Sitting After the Brazilian Butt Lift for at least.......

Opinions and recommendations about sitting after the Brazilian Butt Lift vary widely! My recommendation for my patients works for my patients. If the surgeon you choose has good results, then you should follow their recommendation. My recommendation may not fit well with the technique that another surgeon uses and visa versa. If you like your surgeons results, do what they recommend and you will hopefully have similar results.

Sitting after Surgery

We do not routinely recommend strict no-sitting after the procedure. Patients will need to go to the bathroom and though "hovering" works well, it will not be possible at all times. In addition, patients will sleep and they will, whether they intend to or not, roll over on the region. So some intermittant pressure, some sitting, in our experience is ok.

Typically it takes 6 weeks to see a final result in terms of swelling, fat absorption, and tissue stability. Whether fat is injected in the buttocks, face, hands, or arms, the viability of the fat is usually determined within the first 24 hours as the fat grafts have approximately 24 hours for reconstitution of a blood supply.  Significant motion and pressure in the first week to 10 days can disrupt this we patients should be prudent in their activities. But for the most part, in my opinion, you should be OK.

We wish you the best and hope you are enjoying your result.

Marc Schneider, MD
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When can you sit after a Brazilian buttock lift

After about 2-3 weeks from a Brazilian buttock lift (fat transfer to the buttock) it is ok to sit.  This will minimize the amount of trauma to the delicate fat cells. Your surgeon can give you specific guidelines for your particular case but this is the amount of time that the cells will need to develop in growth of new blood vessels.

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William Bruno, MD
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Sitting after Brazilian Butt Lift

There is no way to quantify the effects of sitting but it sure is miserable to not sit for 4 weeks as I'm sure you can attest to.  I do allow my patients to sit immediately after surgery.  I have not had any indentations nor flattening in the pressure point areas.  My patients (and their friends) are routinely happy with the results.

Kenneth L. Stein, MD
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Brazillian butt lift

I have my patient not sit for 3 weeks.  Since you are now 4 weeks post-op, then it sounds as though you are safe to sit now. 

Shahin Javaheri, MD
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Sitting after BBL

The best person to ask about this is your surgeon, as every surgeon has their own advice. Generally, I recommend that patients don't sit for at least 2 weeks after surgery. Sitting can damage the fat that has been transferred. If you have to sit, do so for very short period of times and alter your position so you don't put too much pressure in one area for too long.

How long before I can sit after a Brazilian butt lift?

As you can see there's a wide variety of opnions about the time when it is safe to sit after a Brazilian butt lift. This also relates to what areas of the butt were reshaped. I do not believe that sitting right away is good for the graft and not "crush it" before it gets vascularized. I routinely wait 10-12 days before allowing sitting for more than 10-15 min at a time. Up to that point I ask the patient to stand (except for short time while on the toilet) and sleep on the stomach. If you feel hard lumps 4 weeks out from your surgery, this could mean fat necrosis and loss of some volume in the long run. At 4 weeks out your buttocks should feel soft and natural with minimal to no pain or discomfort. It is safe for you to sit for a prolonged time.

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