Is It Important To Massage After Brazilian Butt Lift?

Is massages important or necessary after a brazilian butt lift? How important are they?

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Brazilian butt lift massage

The Brazilian butt lift liposuction is done in different areas of the body including the upper and lower back, the abdomen, flanks, axilla, thighs, etc. It is well accepted that any area that underwent liposuction should be massaged to soften the area and avoid lumps. In addition, there are multiple areas that are hard and massage will improve the texture, form, and feel of such areas.

As it relates to the buttock, there is no need to massage simply because aggressive massage can affect the final results. Unless there is an area that is uneven after a month, there is no need for any message.

Massages after Lipo and Brazillian

Each surgeon has a protocol that differs from the next. In my practice I do not perform a massage. The reason for that is I want the fat to stay in the location it was placed. A massage could potentially move the fat to a less desirable location. All other areas do not need massages because it has been liposuctioned. It does however need compression (except the buttocks)  24/7 for the first 2-3 weeks. There are no right or wrong answers or hard evidence one way or another. It is simply what works best  int he hands of individual surgeons. Speak with your plastic surgeon about his/her protocol.

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Massaging the Right Areas After Your Brazilian Butt Lift

After undergoing the Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, I recommend for my patients to massage the areas liposuctioned but to NOT massage the buttock. In fact the buttock should be left as is, especially in the first 4 weeks post-operatively as it is sensitive and has already been contoured a certain way by your surgeon. Massaging liposuctioned areas is very beneficial as it aids in softening hard areas and improving the texture of the skin.

I have my patients see an endermologist for a few sessions after surgery to go over the areas liposuctioned. This aids in the healing, smoothness of skin texture, and helps with blood flow in areas that have just been affected by surgery.  I have before and after photos and detailed information about the procedure on my website if you are interested in more information.

No need to massage buttocks after brazilian buttock lift

There may be some benefit to massage the areas of liposuction (abdomen/flanks), but no need to massage the buttocks where the transferred fat cells are. The massage in this area could harm the delicate fat cells and decrease their survival. Discuss this with your plastic surgeon prior to surgery.

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Massage after brazilian butt lift

Thanks for your question!

In our San Francisco area practice we perform this operation frequently.  Massage of the areas that have been liposuctioned can be helpful 2 to 3 times a day for the first week but after that the compression garment is likely doing you more good than any massage.

The buttocks should not be massaged.  The transplanted fat cells need to establish a blood supply and vigorous massage can decrease fat survivability.

I hope this helps.

Brazilian butt lift and massage

The Brazilian butt lift is a liposuction fat injection. You taking fat from the places you don't want it in the abdomen, flanks and back and injecting it into the buttocks or you do want.

Massage is really important for the liposuction not the fat injection. I recommend to my patients to have massage in the areas of liposuction as soon as possible. I do what I did not want to massage the buttocks because it may damage the fat cells and decreased survival of the injected fat.

Inany liposuction massage will speed up healing, decrease pain and improve the result.

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