How Long Does Brazilian Butt Lift Results Last?

I am wondering if the fat put into the butt surgically could melt away with time. Since I'm considering that procedure I want to know how long does it last.

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How Long Do Brazilian Buttlift Results Last?


    The Brazilian buttlift results that are obtained after 3 months are permanent if the body weight and body fat percentage are held stable.  This is dependent upon the amount of fat transferred, the way in which the procedure is performed, and the way the patient is managed in the postoperative period.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Brazilian buttlift Los Angeles, CA

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With Good Technique, Brazilian Butt Lift results should be permanent!


Hi there-

As long as it is done by an experienced BBL surgeon, your outcome should be permanent.

Once the fatty tissue "takes", meaning that it has re-established a blood supply, there should be no reason it would "melt away"...

Having said that, if you were to lose a major amount of weight, your buttocks will get smaller (just as the rest of you would), but the SHAPE of your butt and its relationship to your other body contours should be maintained.

These are prime reasons why our BBL patients are so very happy.

Please see my BBL before and afters here on RealSelf for confirmation.

Armando Soto, MD, FACS
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How long does a Brazilian Butt Lift Results

After a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, your buttock will be quiet swollen from the fat transfer and fluid retention. During the first three months, you will notice the swelling subside as the fluid is reabsorbed and some of the fat droplets are also reabsorbed. I typically like to see the buttocks slightly larger (post op) than what the patient wanted to account for the fat and fluid reabsorption. After three months, the final shape and size of your buttock should be permaenent.

Robert Najera, MD
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How Long Does Brazilian Butt Lift Results Last?

Hello -

My best advice to you would be to set up an in person consultation with an accredited, board certified surgeon. Find a surgeon who has had results you find incredible, and someone who has vast experience in this field.
Now, initially you will experience a period where some fat cells are lost, but there is a line of demarcation, or sorts, in the 4-6 week post-surgery timeframe when all cells that have survived will remain.

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Brazilian Buttock Lift results

Brazilian buttock lift (BBL) procedure is fat transfer from an area of excess fat to the buttocks and hips. Adding fat to the  hips and buttocks greatly improves the overall shape. As long as the patients follows the postop instructions, the fat transfer is permanent. Since this is your own fat, it will behave like the rest of the fat in your body. We have long term results in our practice. Many of our patients have adopted healthy lift styles with frequent exercise. They are able to maintain their BBL results years after the procedure.

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Does fat last after Brazilian buttock lift


The majority of fat transferred in a Brazilian buttock lift procedure will be permanent. About 60% or more of the fat will be permanent. It takes about 3 months after the procedure however to know exactly how much has survived. Consult with an experienced board certified plastic surgeon to see if you are a good candidate for this procedure.

Best wishes,


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BBL results should be permanent


When done correctly, a BBL should give your permanent results. You will lose some of the fat initially, but whatever remains at 3 months after surgery, should be with you forever. Large changes in weight or pregnancy will have an effect though on your result, so it is important to follow healthy lifestyle. Choose a surgeon who has done hundreds and can show you long term results....not just pictures of their patients in the operating room or at teh first post-op visit!

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Results usually remain intact over a long period of time.


The fat that is surgically grafted into the buttocks usually remains intact for long periods of time and by the end of the first two years, 80% to 85% of the fat that was initially injected should still be in good condition. Approximately 50% to 75% of the injected fat will remain stable for several years after the procedure has been performed. Exercise can help the buttocks maintain its shape and size even when this region begins to lose small amounts of fat.

Norman G. Morrison, MD, FACS
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Does a Brazilian Butt Lift Last ?


A Brazilian Butt Lift involves harvesting fat from an unwanted area and then preparing it for transfer where it is injected into the buttocks as a living transplant. As long as you maintain your body at a stable level, the results should be permanent. Implants are also another permanent option but this procedure is riskier and involves a longer recovery time.

Please remember that not all fat survives but that which does will continue to live. Also the native buttock fat (but not so much the transplanted fat) will continue to atrophy and disappear with time.

Larry S. Nichter, MD, MS, FACS
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