Can I Get a Brazilian Butt Lift After Donating a Kidney?

Earlier this year I wanted to get a brazilian butt lift but found out I am a match for a good friend who needs a kidney. Will I be able to get a butt lift if I donate and how soon after I do will I be able to have the procedure. Are there any risks outside of the normal risks from just having one kidney?

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Brazilian Butt lift and liposuction in individual donating a kidney

In most instances, individuals with one kidney live an ordinary life with few restrictions but with the awareness that they have one kidney and avoiding certain drugs. As individuals age, their kidney functions tend to deteriorate as well. At your age, your one kidney should be able to tolerate the stress of surgery. This concern is common with any cosmetic surgery and I have performed face lifts and breast implants in individuals with one kidney without adverse consequences. Unique concerns with fat emboli may be higher for liposuction but are generally low and rare.

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Brazilian Butt Lift

  There is no problem at all, you need to be in a good health and be evaluated for surgery but fat transference  needed for agument your butt in a Brazilian Butt lift shoudnot be a problem.

Brazilian Butt enhancement

You are to be admired.

You need to wait atleast one year. As long as the kidney function is normal, one can have the surgery. However any surgery has some risks.

Discuss you desires with a BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON and your own family physician 

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Kidney donation and elective surgery

It sounds like you have already been educated about the risks of living with one kidney...

And it is true that having surgery with one kidney elevates these risks a bit... But as long as you are in good health otherwise, and your family doctor and kidney specialist believe you are a good candidate for the surgery, there should be no reason you could not consider a Brazilian Butt Lift.

Good luck!

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