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Can I Still Do Botox if I Am Doing Allergy Shots?

I am currently doing allergy shots for trees, cats, dogs, grass, molds, roaches. With doing that and since I am on my maintance I have noticed I have started to become allergic to different things such as foods. So I was wondering if I could still do Botox with all these allergies?

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Botox, Allergies and Allergy Shots.


There are no reports or studies that have shown any issues or unexpected outcomes in patients who experience environmental and/ or food allergies, who have also received Botox treatments. You should certainly consult with your allergist to make sure that there are no considerations regarding the timing of your allergy shots and your Botox treatments.

Seattle General Surgeon

Botox and allergy shots

Yes, you can do these two treatments together.  Here in Florida, we're at "Allergy central" - and we regularly have patients who combine these two, without any issues.
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Botox and allergy treatment


There should not be any problem with you getting Botox and allergy shots.  The only problem is that you will be getting a lot of shots (unless you are using sublingual allergy treatments)!

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Yes, go ahead and get both


As long as you can stand all the needles coming your way, there is no problem getting the allergy shots and the Botox injections.   Plus, you will have the added bonus of not being able to frown when you get the allergy shots.  In all seriousness though, there is no reason you can't do both from a medical standpoint.

Seattle Dermatologist
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Botox & Allergy


You can have your Botox treatment. The allergy shots are directed to substances that you are allergic to. This has nothing to do with your botox treatment.

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Botox and Allergy shots


Botox and Allergy shots: There is absolutely no  problem in having both treatments. They work in a different way .

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Botox and Allergy Shots


Yes, you can do Botox injections.  There are no reports of interactions with allergy shots and Botox injections.

Annapolis Dermatologist
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Allergy shots for pollen and other allergens does not interfere with Botox injecitons


Yes, you can still have Botox injections despite having multiple allergies to environmental allergens. The risk of developing an allergy to Botox is extremely small but certainly should you have any unusual symptoms after the treatment, contact your doctor immediately.

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Botulinum Toxin injections (Dysport, Botox) and Allergy shots


Yes you should be able to undergo allergy shots as well as botulinum toxin injections simultaneously.

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Patients receiving allergy shotws can also receive botox injections


Patients receiving allergy shotws can also receive botox injections. There is no correlation to my knowledge between the content of allergy shots and botox and certainly no correlation between botox and airborne allergens.

Chicago Dermatologist
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