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Blurred vision in one eye after Juvederm Voluma injected to upper malar area

Yesterday, I had Juvederm Voluma injected into both upper cheek areas to smooth out a dent in the malar region. .6ml was injected into my left cheek; .4ml was inject into my right cheek. This morning when I woke up, the vision in my left eye was somewhat blurred. I have allergies, so I thought it might be that. However, my antihistamine eyedrops have not resolved the blurriness. My dermatologist's office does not open for another several hours (I am in Asia)... what might be happening?

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Blurred vision and Voluma


The injection of Voluma might be the cause for your symptoms.  Fillers can put pressure on blood vessels or be injected into vessels that provide circulation to the eye area.  Voluma is a hyaluronic acid filler that can be reversed instantaneously with a hyaluronidase enzyme.  It should be injected sooner than later if your blurred vision is related to the filler.  You should definitely be seen by an ophthalmologist to rule out another possible cause for your blurred vision.  Please be seen by a qualified physician as soon as possible.

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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I really hope your blurred vision isn't due to a filler!


Fillers have a risk of embolization. What this means is that the thick gel of a filler - any brand of filler; this isn't specific to Voluma - can accidentally be injected into a blood vessel and clot off blood flow to the area that is fed by that blood vessel. The problem with blurry vision is it could suggest filler injection into a blood vessel leading to the eye and cause permanent damage and possible blindness.

This is so unusual and I hope that this is not the case. You posted this 3 days ago so hopefully all is resolved and you are doing fine.

Jonathan Kaplan, MD, MPH
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If you are having blurred vision after fillers to the face, you need to be seen immediately by an ophthalmologist and your doctor.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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