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Deep Scar and Bump 1-month Post-op Blepharoplasty

I had a lower blepharoplsty done a month ago. My left eye healed perfectly. My right eye has a deep scar, it also seems too low and doesn't follow the contour of the eye and when I smile there is two folds that form below it. I also have a small bump right in the middle that feels hard when I touch it and is pushing my eyelid upwards. My PS says it will go away but I don't believe it. It is getting worse as time goes by. I consulted another PS and said I had to wait a year before anything can be done. Do I just have to wait?

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Scarring after blepharoplasty


While visible incisions after any surgery, especially lower eyelid surgery, are concerning, the reality is that scars generally continue to improve with time. One month generally lands in the middle of the "lumpy bumpy" or proliferative phase of healing. The incision may look uneven and feel ropey. However, generally by 6 weeks after surgery, this will start to soften and melt away. In general, lower eyelid incisions are extremely hard to see once they have matured. If the scar continues to worsen, a steroid injection may help. Fractional laser resurfacing may also camouflage the scar.

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