Should I Go Back to the Same Gynecomastia Surgeon for the 2nd Time?

Hi- Ok I had the surgery about 2 years ago im 30 now.. I was not happy with he results. Its back just as much as before.. I have not taken any anabolics since since 27 (about a year before the surgery). Right after the surgery it seemed really flat BUT it started coming back after the swelling went down. So my question is this..should I go to the surgeon and ask for a redo at a discount price? or should I go elsewhere.. I want the glands removed and ALL of it OUT. will it come back again?

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Did you have excision or just lipo?

If the gland was excised, it shouldn't come back.  Liposuction alone is inadequate to correct gynecomastia.  If gland was excised, have you gained weight?  Tough to tell without more info.

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Should I Go Back to the Same Gynecomastia Surgeon for the 2nd Time?

Recurrence or residual gynecomastia is a risk of gynecomastia reduction surgery.  I recommend at least consulting with your first surgeon and communicating your concern.  Good luck and be safe.

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This surgical practice has treated a number of patients who have previously undergone gynecomastia surgery and felt that their results were not ideal, and who came to this practice seeking an improvement of their chest area appearance. The most frequently encountered problems are the following:
Liposuction only was performed, leaving behind a mass of breast tissue behind the areola.
Over-resection of breast tissue behind the areola resulting in nipple retraction, areolar indentation/depression, or chest area surface irregularities.
A deflated appearance from excessive tissue removal.
Unfavorable scarring from skin excision procedures.
It is obviously a very difficult and frustrating experience for a man to seek surgical improvement of a problem area that keeps them from being comfortable without a shirt on, and to end up with a post-surgical problem that leaves them with the same situation. The good news is that essentially all unfavorable results from prior gynecomastia surgery can be improved with careful preoperative evaluation and re-operative treatment planning.
The improvement of unfavorable results may require any number of surgical techniques including additional adipose and/or breast tissue removal, replacement of tissue using structural fat grafting and/or dermal-fat grafts, revision of scars, and removal of excess skin. While in some cases there are inherent limitations to the degree of improvement that is possible, most problems can be improved dramatically and some can be completely corrected.

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If you have a trusting relationship

Breast tissue recurrence after surgery does happen.  It does not mean it is the surgeons fault.  The gland that is present may become stimulated for what ever reason and start to enlarge. We surgeons never go in to surgery to take out all of the gland but we consider this a cosmetic procedure to create a good looking chest and not a cancer operation taking all of the breast tissue out.  You can have a deformity like a crater.

You can discuss with your doc but you may want a second opinion.

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What method was used?

I would definitely recommend going back to your original surgeon.

If you have recurrence you probably didn't have the glandular fibrotic breast tissue removed and only the fatty breast tissue removed.

You most probably need a mastectomy to improve on that. See the surgeon first and see if he would do that for you since you already paid for it the first time.

Find a new surgeon if your surgeon originally was not experienced with this procedure or you feel unsafe or uncomfortable with him!!

Good luck!

Gynecomastia (male breast reduction) recurrence and returning to original surgeon for revision

I would recommend going back for a second consultation to discuss the planned procedure. If Liposuction alone were used, the surgeon will now know that excision of the gland may be a better option. Ultrasonic liposuction techniques were very popular many years ago and we thought we could treat gynecomastia with this alone. We have discovered that the vast majority require excision for an optimal result.

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Gynecomastia is back

I did not understand from your  post  if your gynecomastia was once totally corrected and has recurred or if you never had adequate correction. The two problems I mentioned are very different issues and the treatment would depend on your exact situation .

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Same Gynecomastia Surgeon for the 2nd Time

Yes and get 2 other opinions. But you may find your issues are related to the prior anabolic steroid use. Best of Luck. From MIAMI 

Gynecomastia treatment and surgery

If you like the surgeon and have faith in him/her you should go back to the same surgeon. Remember gynecomastia can be difficult to treat and can require more than 1 procedure.

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