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Allergic Reaction from Surgical Glue?

I am a 42 years old female. I had a tummy tuck 8days ago and I have a severe allergic reaction from the surgical glue. My surgeon put me on steroid and benadryl 50mg every 6 hours. The itching is unbearabble and it seems like ithe rash is spreading out more. He told me to put Vaseline on to get all the glue out. I have been putting Silverdene on because now it looks a lot like glue burn. I do not want to admit to the hospital.

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Surgical glue allergy.


Although this is rare, I have seen it 3 or 4 times in my practice. The treatment involves first removing the glue (your surgeon should be able to do this with a forcep in the office), an antihistamine for the itching, and moist dressings for any blistering which may occur. Even after all the glue is removed, the symptoms can last a few weeks although they should improve daily. Be sure to inform your doctors about this reaction so that no one uses surgical glue on you in the future.

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Sounds like PS is taking adequate care of you. Make sure u follow his medical advice. Each practice is different.
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