How Soon After a Brazillian Butt Lift Can You Get More Fat Added?

I had a bbl done 6 weeks ago, and am not satisfied with the volume. I had 960cc's put in each cheek, but feel that a lot was absorbed since the surgery. How soon can I schedule to go back to get more fat added? And will that give me better results as im adding more fat after the initial surgery? With the compression garment on I am happy, but without it on im not happy with the projection of my butt, and i dont wanna hafto wear a compression garment everyday just to have the projection i want

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Best to wait at least 3 months before considering a revision

I generally advise patients to wait 3-4 months after surgery before considering a revision procedure. You also need to make sure you have enough fat to be harvested and injected into your buttocks.

If the majority of the fat transferred did not stay in your buttock, it probably means the surgeon did not spin down the fat in a centrifuge before injecting it back into your buttocks. I have found that my fat cell survival rate is between 75-85% when I spin down the patient's fat and use a power-assisted mechanism for fat grafting. This method provides much better results for my patients.

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How Soon After a Brazillian Butt Lift Can You Get More Fat Added?


I would reccommend that you wait at least 12 months before you have more fat injected into your butt. The amount of fat you had placed is a fairly large amount, however, without knowing what technique was used it is difficult to say what the resorption rate will be. It will take about a year for you to see the final result from the grafting as it takes time for the fat to be revascularized and then to grow on its own. Please be patient.

Paul Vitenas, Jr., MD
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Redo Brazilian butt lift


This is a very unusual request from somebody having a fat transfer procedure so early. What you are really describing is a poorly performed Brazilian butt lift. Only 20% of the fat is reabsorbed after the procedure. You have almost 1000cc of fat injected into each buttock, which is a significant amount to increase projection.  Was the fat processed after it was harvested?  Were the non – fat products removed prior to injection? You see, when doing liposuction, only 30% of the collected fluid is fat. If you inject this fluid without processing, then, 70% of this “1000 cc of fat” will be reabsorbed within the first month. 

Assuming that you have enough fat for a second fat transfer procedure, then, you will need to wait about 6 months before you can go under knife again.

Wilberto Cortes, MD
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Brazilian butt lift when can you have more fat


In my patients who have had liposuction and fat injection it takes 3 months and sometimes more to see the final result. At 6 weeks is still early and you probably are not close to your best result. You probably still have swelling and your skin has not contracted as much as it probably will.

Whenever you operate on an area you do not want to go back to that same area until all the swelling has resolved. In liposuction is maybe 6 or more months later. If you go back to try to operate on an area that still have swelling it would be like operating on a rock and you will not get a good result.

Wearing your garment and considering massage may be a way to help speed up the healing and get your best result. Talk to your doctor about your concerns.

Wendell Perry, MD
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Improving outcome from Brazilian Butt Lift


Hi there-

Without examining you, it is difficult to say whether further fat grafting would be in your best interests or not.

Based on what you say about being happy with your butt when your are wearing the support garment, I would be a bit concerned that whats keeping you from being happier with your butt is not an ongoing lack of volume, but the quality and quantity of the skin envelope.

Discuss this with your surgeon.

Armando Soto, MD, FACS
Orlando Plastic Surgeon
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