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Safe to Have V Beam While on Blood Thinning Medication?

Recently, I was put on Warfarin, which is temporary, for approximately 5 more months, then onto aspirin therapy. Is it alright to have V Beam for my Rosacea while on a blood thinner?

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Pulse dye laser and rosacea

Results may not be as effective with pulse dye laser while on blood thinners.  Speak to your physician about the safety of discontinuing the blood thinners prior to laser.

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Vbeam and blood thinners

Being on blood thinners will increase your risk of bruising - even with minor trauma and definitely with Vbeam. However, if you inform your doctor that you are on blood thinners, the intensity of the treatment can be adjusted so as to minimize or prevent bruising. When Vbeam treatments are done at lower intensity for rosacea, it is possible that more treatments overall (4 instead of 2 for example) will be needed for optimal results. If you do get bruising, it is typically resolved in 7-14 days on the face. I frequently treat patients with Vbeam that are on blood thinners with no problems.

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No V Beam while on blood thinners!

Hi Gola

I would advise againt getting laser treatment while on either Warfarin or asprin.  These medications increase bleeding and bruising.  You could get significant bruising if you undergo laser therapy while on these medications.

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