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What's Most Attractive in a Male Nose?

With female rhinoplasty, it seems that a lot of looks can be attractive. I've seen girls considered attractive who either have rounded noses, sharp noses, or generally everything in between. With males though, it seems there's much more a 'make or break' thing going on. I rarely see a male with a rounded, chubby nose who'd be considered 'facially-attractive', where as I think a male with a more shaped, structured nose gives a look of attractiveness, confidence, and intelligence. Do you agree that this is usually one of the good reasons for males to have rhinoplasty, if they have a shapeless nose?

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Male rhinoplasty


You have made some very good observations with regards to male and female noses. I have found that no two individuals, male or female, will necessarily look good with the same nose. The noses that you have found to be attractive in females are likely proportionate to the face and follow some basic parameters and measurements that we generally follow to help us with our judgment during rhinoplasty. The variations in rhinoplasty you have noticed in females are in large part related to some of the art that is required to create the subtle changes that make the nose look good. What you see in male noses are exactly as you have interpreted them. Male noses help convey confidence and attractiveness when they are strong, full, and well defined.

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What's Most Attractive in a Male Nose?


I have a definite philosophy about male noses. 

  • I like a strong nose, straight dorsum or a slight hump.
  • Male noses ususlly have thicker skin in the tip and generally cannot and should not look as delicate as a female nose.
  • I try to increase tip definition with cartilage grafts.
  • A male nose can be a bit larger than a female nose and still look good. 
  • The result should look as natural as possible, not have an operaated look.
  • I have given you a link to a good example.

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What makes a nose attractive ?


There are many factors that go into an attractive nose and you should discuss your desires with your surgeon in detail. Sometimes I have patients bring in photos of what they think they might like and we use them as a talking point.

In general, most people are looking for improved symmetry with reduction of a "bump" on the bridge and better definition of the tip and overall nose. Often there may be limitations based on your breathing and this too should be discussed with your surgeon.

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Male Rhinoplasty

Male rhinoplasty is one of the more difficult procedures to perform.  The key to rhinoplasty, male or female, is to make the rest of the facial features more attractive and draw more attention to the nose.  Designing an atttractive male nose requires specific attention to the following details:
1. Natural- A male nose must look natural.  In some cases, it is desirable to leave a few "rough" spots along the bridge to help make the nose look as natural as possible.
2. Length- In general, an overly short nose is not as desirable in a male nose as in a female nose.  Too short of a nose can lead to excessive attention to nostrils and can make the face and nose look more feminine than ideal.
3. Communication- The key is for the physician and the patient to have an understanding of the goals and approach to each nose.

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Male rhinoplasty

 Male rhinoplasty is different than female rhinoplasty do to different anatomical constraints, thickness of skin and expectations. When we perform male rhinoplasty we tend to leave a stronger profile and slightly thicker and wider features do to the pre-existing anatomy and facial features. For many examples of male rhinoplasty please see the link below to our rhinoplasty photo gallery

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Male Rhinoplasty Surgery


Male rhinoplasty surgery can be extremely challenging for a variety of reasons. These reasons include differences in male aesthetic goals as well as differences in male anatomy.

As a general rule the basic tenets of rhinoplasty surgery hold true for male rhinoplasty patients. These patients are interested in harmony, balance, and proportion with surrounding facial structures. They are also extremely interested in symmetry.

In most cases, men are not interested in radical changes in their nasal appearance. They usually want to undergo refinements, which make them look better without dramatically altering their appearance.

In addition, men tend to have thicker skin than women. As a result, there are limitations on how much can be accomplished with any given surgical procedure.

No two patients are alike and because of this, every patient should be considered as an individual. Each patient has unique aesthetic goals, which dramatically impact the final result.

If you’re considering male rhinoplasty, consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon will be helpful. This consultation should help determine what type of nose is best for you.

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Attractive Male Nose


There are definitely different beauty standards for men and women when it comes to noses, much like other aspects of your body. The bottom line, though, is that regardless of what the “standard” is for a male nose looking attractive, the best rhinoplasty results for you are going to be customized to your face. No two noses are exactly alike, and nose surgery procedures should therefore be individualized based on your current appearance and desired result.
Rhinoplasty is about more than just making the nose straighter or removing a bump. A 'nose job' that’s done well can bring all your facial features into better harmony. People will notice the actual shape of your nose much less than they’ll notice how attractive your face looks as a whole.

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What makes a man's nose attractive?


Thanks for the great question. The answers will vary significantly by age group, culture/ethnicity, and even region of the country. In general, the most attractive nose is one that is harmonious with the face -- meaning, the size is appropriate, and the character fits the other facial features. For example, a long, thin nose on a man with a large head or heavy brow may not look right -- but the same nose on a thin-faced man with a soft brow may look perfect. A handsome male nose is usually straight, without a bump or hump, but also without a "ski-slope" or supratip break. The ideal rotation (angle with the upper lip) is around 90 degrees.  In thinking about changes to your nose, this is a good place to start your conversation with a qualified rhinoplasty surgeon.

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Male Rhinoplasty Techniques


Rhinoplasty is a very complex procedure and is unique to each patient’s facial features since no two noses are exactly the same. Successful results are based on the nose’s shape and size in proportion to the rest of a man’s face. While most women desire smaller, more subtle noses, a man typically seeks a stronger looking nose with a higher, smoother bridge. However, since each patient’s structure is different, it is important to consult a board certified plastic surgeon who has specialized experience performing male rhinoplasty to determine how to achieve the most natural results.

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What's Most Attractive in a Male Nose


A male nose should be midline and straight without a dorsal hump.  It must also be synchronous with a strong chin. There should be no feminizing of the nose.

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Houston Plastic Surgeon
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