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I Am 65 Yrs. Old; Am I Too Old to Have the Ulthera Procedure?

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Age and Ulthera treatment


Ulthera treatment, like Thermage and even surgery, is more successful when treating healthier skin.  Younger skin that is severly damaged from excessive sun exposure, poor diet, or other factors may respond less well than healthy, well cared for skin in an older person.  I believe the quality of the skin is more important than the age of the patient and thus do not have an absolute age cut off when determining if someone is a candidate for Ulthera treatment.

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Age for Ulthera


Thank you for your question. Like most questions regarding age, I think of age as just a number. It is really the condition of the skin and soft tissue that determines who will benefit from a procedure such as Ulthera. There are some people in their 60's and 70's who would benefit from Ulthera, while others who are in their 40's whose skin is too damaged to be a candidate.

Ulthera is best used in people with some aging changes of the skin but not extreme loss of elasticity or sag. While those people may get some improvement with Ulthera, they would be better served by surgical options. In a properly selected patient, Ulthera can provide a nice degree of improvement without surgery or recovery time.

The best way to tell if you are a candidate for Ulthera is to consult with a plastic surgeon. They can examine your skin and discuss the specific options for you.

Best of luck with your face.

Jeff Rockmore

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Age limit for Ulthera


The best candidates for Ulthera have mild skin laxity and overall good skin texture, rather than a definite age range.  At your consult, your physician will evaluate you to see if you are a good candidate.

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How old is too old for Ultherapy?


There is no age at which I will not do Ultherapy.  It all depends on the appearance of the facial and neck tissues.  Some patients in their 40s may be poor candidates if they have severe sun damage and laxity and others in their 60s may be good candidates if they have minimal sun damage and not too severe laxity.  The chronologic age is less important then the actual degree of aging and sun damage.

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Depends on your desired result


Hi there....Ultherapy is a truly impressive procedure because it uses high-intensity focused ultrasound delivered in precise bursts into the collagen layers under the skin. This results is the regeneration of collagen that helps the face repair itself over time. As far as results go, if you are looking for a natural looking brow-lift or tightening of the forehead, Uthera is a good option. However, if you have significant jowls or lower face and neck laxity, a face lift procedure might be a better option. Typically, the best results are in patients from their mid 40's, when the are first seeing the need for skin lifing, up to mid-50's when collagen starts to diminish. I do think that the ultimate efficacy of this procedure depends on what your desired outlook is. If you have significant skin laxity or you are desiring a significant improvement in a certain area, a surgical treatment may be your best bet. Although I have treated a few patients in their mid-60's and we have seen impressive results, I do think that this procedure is more ideal for people who aren't quite ready for a full face lift. As you probably already know, a facelift is not contingent on a certain age but more of the condition of the skin and level of laxity. Here in Arizona, where sun damage is rampant, it is quite common for people to have a face lift at 40. But excellent treatments like Ulthera are helping them to put off invasive procedures 5, 10 years or more. Best of luck with your decision.

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Who is too old for Ulthera?


Regardless of age, people who get the best results from Ulthera are those that have recently begun to notice any or all the following: 1) eyelids are drooping, 2) jowls are starting, 3) modest double chin.  

As a rough guide, these are people in their late thirties to early fifties.  

That said, there are older people who look young for their age that can get noticeable tightening with Ulthera.  Regardless of age, Ulthera will create injury to the skin, which results in collagen formation.  If the skin is slightly saggy, that collagen will make a difference.  If the skin is very saggy and/or crepey, it will be much more difficult to appreciate the collagen formation.  

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Age Limit for Ultherapy


While there is no age limit per se, the effectiveness of the procedure diminishes as one ages.  What we are trying to evaluate is whether it is possible to get the same results for someone in their 70's if a series of treatments is completed.  Right now, the answer to that question is up in the air. 

The other issue to consider is that not all 70 year olds age the same.  A smoking sun worshiper will have more skin laxity than a non-smoking person that stay out of the sun their whole life.  Your best option is to make an appointment for an evaluation with an Ultherapy provider in your area.

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Optimal age for Ulthera treatments


Ultherapy uses high-intensity focused ultrasound delivered in precise bursts into the collagen layers under the skin. This results in collagen remodeling and rebuilding, so the more collagen there is to begin with the bigger the "target" and the better the response. Typically, the best results are in patients from their mid 40's, when the are first seeing the need for skin lifing, up to mid-50's when collagen starts to diminish. I have treated a few patients in their mid-60's, and results can be achieved, but it all depends on the individual patient. I would suggest being evaluated by an Ultherapy provider aho can give you a more personal estimate of your results.

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Age in the 60+ range is not a contraindication to having Ultherapy


Absolutely you can have Ultherapy if you're 65. As we age our skin's dermis loses elasticity and that can minimize the good results of Ultherapy.  If you had a lot of sunexposure as a child, and young adult, your skin now is paying the price probably with a lot of elastin loss and bad collagen.  Your face will not get the same good results as a similarly aged adult with better skin.  We can treat patients in their 70s but expectations need to be realistic. Ultherapy is not the same as a facelift, far from it. Without surgery, the ultrasonic energy can help globally rejuvenate one's sagging face, even though there will still be folds and jowls, etc.

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