What is the Best Butt Augmentation Procedure for Thin People?

Hi, i'm 22 years old. i wanted to get a bigger butt, but i don't think brazilian butt lift is one of my option because i don't have fat no where else to inject into my butt. i'm real skinny i have no fat around my body for lipo. What would be my options (implant or what would you recomend please) thanks.

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Best Butt Augmentation for Thin People



There are two main options available for you. You can either get a buttock implant or a

Lipoinjection (fat transfer). However, since you stated that you do not have sufficient fat

elsewhere in your body, the best option for you would be an implant. This procedure is more risky than the transfer and requires a considerably longer recovery period. 


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Altenative to Brazilian butt lift.


Your only other option will be butt implants.  Butt implants are not used too often these days since Brazilian butt lift has emerged.  Butt implants have a high risk of complication no matter which surgeon you choose since you are sitting on the implant and causing stress to the pocket the implant is sitting in. 

Your best bet is to stick to what you currently have. 

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Buttock Augmentation


The best and most natural way to augment a buttock is Fat transfer( Brazilian Butt lift)

if you do not have fat for transfer or excess skin and fat in the abdomen, then the ONLY safe way is Buttock Implant.

you need to have a consult with an experienced board Certified PS and discuss the options, risks, Complications and cost. Need for resurgery and who is responsible for the cost before you undergo surgery

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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Fat transfer (Brazilian Butt Lift) is the best option when you do have sufficient fat elsewhere. When this is not the case buttock implants are the only option.

Great picture.

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