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Is It Possible to Combine Butt Implants and Fat Transfer to Add More Volume?

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Is It Possible to Combine Butt Implants and Fat Transfer to Add More Volume?

I would do them separately. If you are able have the fat transfer first. Await and see how much has taken and see if any additional fat needs to be placed. If after that procedure you still need contour and volume you may want to consider the implants although remember that the implants have a high complication rate!

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Combining butt implants with a Brazilian Butt lift

Gluteal augmentation with solid silicone butt implants is an excellent way to contour the butt and increase its volume. This procedure is performed through a small incision between the two buttocks. A Brazilian Butt lift is a popular way to contour the abdomen and butt by combining thorough liposuction to the abdomen waist hips flanks and posterior thighs with fat grafting to the area.

In our practice, the majority of patients seeking gluteal augmentation receive a Brazilian Butt lift. However, certain patients may not have enough fat or tissue to reach their aesthetic goal. These patients are well served with clue augmentation using a silicone implant. We have also had patients that have received over these procedures. Although this is a small minority of the patients, this combination is ideal in a select patient body type. Your best bet is to work closely with a board-certified plastic surgeon who is a great deal of experience in fat grafting, liposuction, including augmentation. They will be able to assess your body type, understand your goals and present the options that are best for you.

Pat Pazmino, MD
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Always separate the Brazilian Butt Lift and Butt Implant procedures.

I would definitely not perform the Brazilian Butt Lift and Butt Implants at the same time. Fat graft survival for the Brazilian Butt Lift will depend on having maximum blood flow to keep the fat cells alive. If you place an implant at the same time, you will be diminishing the amount of blood flowing to the areas of fat placement because many of these blood vessels are cut when we put in Butt Implants. Also, the pressure from the Butt Implants will diminish the amount of blood flow to the fat grafts.

I always recommend having the Brazilian Butt Lift performed first (as it is the safest and provides the most natural feel and appearance)  and get the most out of that as you can. You may find that you are very happy with that alone. If you are not, then you can always go back later and get Butt Implants.

Butt enhancement


If you have enough fat to transfer, then the best option is to have fat transfer to the buttocks for ENHANCEMENT

If you do not have enough fat , the other option is dermis fat graft taken during a tummy tuck

If you do not have that then a Butt Implant.

The two procedures should not be done at the same time. This will make the fat graft not take properly

Samir Shureih, MD
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