Is 1250 Cc's of Fat (Per Butt Cheek) Achievable for Someone Who's 5'2.5" and Weighs 150lbs??

I prefer as much volume as possible for my brazilian butt lift!I've done a lot of comparing of different amounts of fat injected into the buttock. I'd like to know if the amount I am asking for is possible for me! Also I'm a 34D bra size and I'm hoping for an even bigger bottom. Any advice??

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Brazilian Butt Lift

brazilian Butt Lift is an art of sculpting your butt region as a whole, and sculpting to fit your body.

The amount of fat is also dependant on how much fat can be aspirated from other areas of your body, and after cleaning that amount inject what is left.

Fat transfer should be layered in a three dimentional manner to assure that most of the transferred fat stays alive.

Injecting fat in lage volumes in one area leads to fat necrosis, oil cysts and death of fat.


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