PicoSure Videos

Sun Spot Identification, Treatment, and Downtime Expectations

Dr. Robert Anolik addresses common questions pertaining to sun spots. VIEW NOW


Tattoo Removal WIth PicoSure

Dr. Robert Anolik explains how a PicoSure treatment works and why this machine has opened new doors in the area of tattoo removal. VIEW NOW

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How to Choose the Right Doctor for Tattoo Removal

Doctor H. L. Greenberg discusses the side effects of tattoo removal and shares insights on what to look for when searching for a doctor to remove your tattoo and why that is so important. VIEW NOW

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What Happens to the Ink in Tattoo Removal?

Doctor H. L. Greenberg describes the process of laser tattoo removal, how many treatments it takes, and what happens to the ink once it's shattered. VIEW NOW


What is PicoSure?

Doctor Bruce E. Katz discusses how PicoSure works to remove tattoos and treat the skin. VIEW NOW

Tattoo Removal Options

Dr. Sean Simon discusses Tattoo Removal options. VIEW NOW

What Does the PicoSure Laser Feel Like?

Dr. Sean Simon discusses what the PicoSure laser feels like. VIEW NOW

What Can PicoSure be Used For?

Dr. Robert Weiss discusses what PicoSure can be used for. VIEW NOW

How does PicoSure Remove Tattoos?

Dr. Bruce E. Katz discusses how PicoSure removes tattoos. VIEW NOW

PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment - Austin's Journey Pt. 1

Follow Austin as he begins the process to remove a tattoo (his ex-girlfriend's name) with the PicoSure laser. VIEW NOW

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PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal - Austin's Journey Pt. 2

Two months after his first treatment, Austin returns to Dr. Edward Rohaly and ERDerm for a second treatment with PicoSure laser. VIEW NOW

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