Injectable Fillers Videos

Filling in the Temple: The Doctor Adds Volume to This Woman's Upper Face

See how Dr. Alexander Donath uses injectable filler to restore volume to this woman's face. Do you see the difference? VIEW NOW

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Will Fillers Interfere With ThermiTight?

Err on the side of caution when it comes to using fillers and ThermiTight, says Dr. Edward E. Dickerson, IV. Learn more. VIEW NOW

Everything You Need to Know About Fillers Explained in Under 3 Minutes

Figure out what different fillers do thanks to Dr. David J. Myers. VIEW NOW

What's the Big Deal About Botox? The Doctor Explains

Dr. David J. Myers gives us the scoop on Botox. What do you know about this popular skincare treatment? VIEW NOW

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ArteFill: Learn About This Long-Lasting Injectable

Dr. David J. Myers explains what ArteFill is and how it differs from other injectable treatments. VIEW NOW

Am I Too Old For a Facelift? The Doctor Shares His Experience

Dr. Hal Michael Bass explains anti-aging options for the face including the best age range for a facelift. VIEW NOW

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Ultherapy and Fillers Give This Woman a Lip Lift

Using Ulthera and injectable fillers, Dr. Sabrina Fabi plumps this woman's lips. Watch for yourself. VIEW NOW

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Filling in Facial Hollows: Watch This Woman's Voluma Treatment

Dr. William Groff demonstrates how Voluma can fill in hollow temples and restore volume to the face. VIEW NOW

Voluma Rejuvenates This Woman's Cheeks and Jaw

Dr. Kimberly Butterwick walks us through this woman's Voluma treatment. VIEW NOW

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How to Correct Extra Upper Eyelid Folds

Do your upper eyelids have extra folds in the skin? Here's what Dr. Amiya Prasad recommends. VIEW NOW

Botox vs. Injectable Fillers: What's the Difference?

How do Botox and injectable fillers differ? Get the answer from Dr. Andrew Campbell. VIEW NOW


The Truth About Botox — Stephani Shares Her Experience

Dr. Donald B. Yoo describes how Botox softens wrinkles. See this young woman's results. VIEW NOW

Can ThermiTight Do Anything About Nasolabial Folds?

Hear Dr. Edward E. Dickerson, IV's answer to this woman's question about ThermiTight and nasolabial folds. VIEW NOW


Turning Up the Facial Volume: Fillers, Implants, or ThermiTight?

This woman wants to restore volume to her face. What's her best option? Here's what Dr. Edward E. Dickerson, IV, recommends. VIEW NOW

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What Can I Do About My Drooping Face? See What This Doctor Recommends

Is your skin drooping around your face? You've got options, says Dr. Edward E. Dickerson, IV. VIEW NOW