Injectable Fillers Videos

Laura Gets Voluma — What the Doctor Recommends to Reduce Bruising (Part 2)

Watch as Laura works with Dr. Lisa Airan. Learn what the doctor recommends. VIEW NOW

Laura Gets Fillers — What's She Think? (Part 3)

Watch as Laura gets fillers to her mid-face. Can you see the difference? VIEW NOW

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"I've Never Done This Before" — Learn What Laura Wants (Part 1)

Meet Laura and learn about her experience with Dr. Lisa Airan. VIEW NOW

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How Much Sculptra Will I Need?

Dr. Lisa Airan explains what Sculptra is and how it works on fine lines and wrinkles. VIEW NOW

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Fillers and Injectables 101: What Are the Differences?

What causes wrinkles and what can you do about it? Answers from Dr. Shelena Lalji. VIEW NOW

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Get Facelift Results With Fillers — The Doctor Explains the Y-Lift

What's the Y-Lift? Dr. Amiya Prasad explains how it can add more volume and lift without surgery. VIEW NOW

Is a CO2 Laser Best for this Woman? No, Says This Doctor — Learn Why

This woman wants to lift and fill her skin. She's considering a CO2 laser but is that best? Here's what Dr. Amiya Prasad suggests. VIEW NOW

This Woman Gets Botox and Juvederm on Camera — Watch All 5 Minutes

Watch as Dr. John Zavell gives this woman Botox and Juvederm. Does it hurt? VIEW NOW

Under Eye Bags: Which Need Fillers? Which Need Surgery?

Learn your non-surgical and surgical options for treating under eye bags, as explained by Dr. Amiya Prasad. VIEW NOW


Swelling and Bruising After Fillers: How Much Is Normal?

How much swelling and bruising is normal after getting fillers? Hear from Dr. Amiya Prasad. VIEW NOW

This Young Man Gets a New Look With Belotero

Dr. Jason Emer uses Belotero to help treat under eye hollows, dark circles, and eye bags. Watch him at work. VIEW NOW

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2 Minutes of Restylane — See How It Rejuvenates the Asian Upper Eyelid

This woman wanted to fill the hollow of her upper eyelid. See what Dr. Jason Emer does. VIEW NOW

This Woman Gets Plump Lips With Restylane Silk

Using microcannulas to limit pain, bruising, and swelling, Dr. Jason Emer uses Restylane Silk to fill this woman's lips. VIEW NOW


Shaping the Lips With Restylane: The Doctor Explains His Process

Dr. Jason Emer uses Restylane Silk to shape and define the lips. Watch as he works with this woman. VIEW NOW

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The Doctor Rejuvenates the Hands With Radiesse

Watch as Dr. Jason Emer uses Radiesse to return volume to this woman's hands. VIEW NOW