Injectable Fillers Videos

"Fast Recovery! No Downtime!" Can You Really Trust These Amazing Claims?

Those "Lunchtime Lift" ads are awfully tempting, but are they promising something that can't be delivered? Dr. Stephen Prendiville explains. VIEW NOW

Is There Anything Between Fillers and a Facelift?

Fillers not doing much but not ready for a facelift? Dr. Robert Buchanan has some bad news for you in-betweeners. VIEW NOW

Our Understanding of the Aging Face Has Improved the Way We Use Fillers

Plastic surgeons are better than ever with fillers in-hand and Dr. Robert Buchanan explains that it is because the understanding of the aging face is better than ever. VIEW NOW

How to Avoid the Square Face From Over Filling

We have all seen those "overfilled" individuals with the round or square faces. How did they get that way and how can we avoid that looks after our next visit? Dr. Robert Buchanan explains. VIEW NOW

Sculptra Helps Your Body Produce More Collagen, Naturally

Dr. Edward Buckingham explains how Sculptra, a product used for volume loss in the face, actually gives your body a boost to produce more collagen and rejuvenate your face. VIEW NOW

How Much Does Voluma Cost?

Dr. Michael Perksy explains in detail the advantages of using Voluma injections for facial lifts and how much a patient can expect to pay for a syringe. VIEW NOW

Take the Spotlight Away From Facial Imperfections WIth Botox or Fillers

Dr. John Martin explains how Botox and fillers can be used to hide those bothersome imperfections without major surgery. VIEW NOW


How to Spot Illegal Injectables

Dr. John Martin gives some pointers on how to determine if the injectables you're considering might be illegal substances that could do more harm than good. VIEW NOW

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Fillers vs. Fat Injections: Which Is Better?

Which is better: synthetic filler or fat injections? Dr. Sid Danesh answers this question. VIEW NOW

Forget the Old Technology: The Latest Facial Fillers Treat the Real Cause of Wrinkles

Dr. Jeffrey Schiller confirms that most fillers used to treat the area under the skin, but the new fillers actually adhere to the muscle to give a more natural look. VIEW NOW

The Reality of Aging and What Can Be Done to Improve Your Look

Dr. Greg Chernoff gives us a brief rundown of all of the surgical and non-surgical options available to improve the look of the face and restore youth. VIEW NOW

Using Fillers For a Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Could Be Dangerous

Fillers in the nose has been touted as a great way to preview what a simple rhinoplasty procedure could look like, but Dr. Jennifer Porter is here with a word of warning about this practice. VIEW NOW

Don't Stress About Choosing the Right FIller

There are more fillers than you have fingers so of course choosing the best one for you can get confusing. Don't fret, says Dr. Jonathan Sykes, because the process of choosing should be a surgeon/patient decision. VIEW NOW

What Fillers Can Do For Your Aging Face and More Options To Come!

In the generation of prevention, fillers are quickly rising in popularity, so Dr. Jonathan Sykes explains how these volumizers work, which areas of the face are best treated with each product, and some new products that are still in testing. VIEW NOW

Why Is Juvederm Voluma Best For Filling Out the Cheeks?

Dr. Michael Zadeh discusses Juvederm Voluma dermal filler, which is the only FDA-approved dermal filler used to enhance and volumize the cheeks. VIEW NOW

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