Injectable Fillers Videos

The Risks and Side Effects of Treating Wrinkles with Lasers and Injectable Fillers

Dr. Joel Cohen discusses the risks and side effects of treating wrinkles with lasers and injectable fillers. VIEW NOW

Help for Saggy Eyelids

Dr. Jerome Obed discusses treatments for saggy eyelids. VIEW NOW

What Anti-Aging Treatments get the Best Results?

Dr. Alan Kling describes which anti-aging treatments have the best results. VIEW NOW

Can Lips That Look "Overdone" be Fixed?

Dr. Joel L. Cohen discusses how to fix lips that look "overdone". VIEW NOW

Voluma - The Newest Treatment for Volume Loss of the Face

Dr. Bruce E. Katz describes the options for adding facial volume using Voluma, the newest long lasting facial filler. VIEW NOW

Treatment Options for Volume Loss

Dr. Michael Contreras explains what treatment options are available to combat loosing volume in the face. VIEW NOW

How to Avoid the "Overdone" Look

Dr. Michael Contreras explains how to use fillers without having the "frozen" or "overdone" look. VIEW NOW

What are the Best Fillers for Volume Rejuvenation?

Dr. Stephen Mandy shares his insights on what fillers work best for volume rejuvenation? VIEW NOW

Treating the Cause

Dr. Mitchell Schwartz discusses the cosmetic trends he is seeing. VIEW NOW

Can You Combine Micro-Needling with Filler Treatment?

Dr. Mitchell Schwartz discusses his 3-step process for full facial rejuvenation and how he combines fillers with micro-needling to achieve this. VIEW NOW

What Trends do You See in Your Clinic?

Dr. Barry Resnik shares the trends he is seeing in his practice and why more and more people are concerned with volume loss of the face. VIEW NOW

What are the Best Anti-Aging Treatments?

Dr. Sally Booth shares the best anti-aging treatments. VIEW NOW

What are the Best Volumizing Treatments?

Dr. Michael H. Gold discusses how he is able to determine optimal placement for fillers and which injectable he has found to have the best results. VIEW NOW