Orange Peel + Fraxel Laser

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Fraxel Restore Vs Botox for Large Nose Pores

I am a 34 year old Asian female. The pores around my nose are very large, much line the skin of an orange..yuck! I clean my pores, but they just... READ MORE

What is the Risk of "Orange Peel Skin" Texture After a Fraxel Laser Treatment?

I am scheduled to have Fraxel laser treatment in the next week. My skin has always been fairly smooth but as I've gotten older, I've noticed... READ MORE

Concerned About the "Orange Peel" Texture Some People Report After Fraxel Re:Store, Normal?

In some reviews, people are stating that Fraxel Re:Store ruined their skin by causing a permanent "orange peel/golf ball" texture after the... READ MORE

Fraxel Restore Dual Orange Peel Texture of Skin and Fine Lines?

Hello I am 8 weeks post one and only fraxel restore dual for small and not deep isolated scars. The treated areas have orange peel texture with tiny... READ MORE

Orange peel type scarring, is this common?

There seems to be a lot of people with what they describe as orange peel skin after fraxel laser is this common are certain skin types more prone to... READ MORE

After Fraxel Restore I was advised to use Vitamin C&E serum by Skinceuticles. Could this have contributed to my poor outcome?

I had fraxel restore 9 months ago with a very bad outcome including pin prick laser marks and a scarred looking orange peel texture. I was advised to... READ MORE

Is Prednisone safe after fraxel?

I have just been prescribed 5 days of 25mg of prednisone then tappering off for 5 days for an unrelated issue ( possible gout). I had my fraxel... READ MORE

How long does it take for skin recover from Fraxel after Fraxel is discontinued? (photo)

I had two sessions of fraxel for acne scarring, 6 weeks apart. I felt that I saw an immediate positive difference after the first session but, after... READ MORE

8-Months After Treatment-Damage From Facial Fraxel Laser - Orange-Peel Texture-Any Doctor Or Patient Found Treatment? Permanent?

I had facial laser and have been back to the laser center several times to correct very inflamed skin - broken capillaries, aggravated red bumps. Been... READ MORE

Orange Peel Forehead After Single Fraxel Dual 1927? (photo)

It has been a month and a half and my condition is getting worse. I had a single Fraxel to treat hyperpigmentation caused by a filler complication... READ MORE

Fraxel Orange Peel Effect. What Can I Do?

I had Fraxel treament a year ago. Before the treatment people thougth I was 5 years younger than I am. Now they think I am 10 years older than I am.... READ MORE

As a victim of the dreaded Orange Peel Texture and fat loss to Fraxel... what can be done to get my old face back?

I had only one sitting of Fraxel and immediately the disastrous outcome presented itself... This was 15months ago and unfortunately only appears to... READ MORE

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