Anyone Want Breast Revision, but scared to tell husband?

  • serenity1923
  • 10 months ago

I thought I was happy with my 350cc until a year later when they dropped and I saw how much smaller I am.  I would like to go bigger...400cc.  My husband was supportive of me the first time, albeit it took a while.  He said his fear was that I wouldn't be happy and would want to go bigger.  I am afraid to tell him that he was right.  He is alway concerned about money, although we are doing just fine, but I know he will be angry and unsupportive not to mention flat out tell me "no".

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Hoping you've read several Breast Implant Revision reviews as you are not alone. Many women simply want to go bigger. Some feel that over time, you become accustomed to your implants and they no longer feel large enough. 50 cc's is not that much of a difference. You may want to consult with your PS to get their opinion on an additional 50 cc's. Good luck and keep us posted!

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