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  • Confused31
  • cincinnati
  • 4 years ago

I have been considering rhinoplasty for several years now. I went to see the top 4 plastic surgeons in town for consultations and now confused more than ever. I'm listing the recommendation of each doc.

Doc 1- alarplasty with dorsum thinning and tip revision. Open rhinoplasty. Quote of $4300.

Doc 2- Same procedures as above.Open rhinoplasty. Quote of $5000.

Doc 3- closed rhinoplasty for thinning of dorsum with alarplasty. He was oposed to tip revision as he said that my nose would lose its character. Quote 5200

Doc 4 -Same as 1 Quote of 8K Any advise would be appreciated.

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Hi Confused 31,

It seems like all those different techniques boil down into two categories: open vs. closed and price (I'm not counting the tip revision because, to me, that depends on what you want done; if you are really unhappy with your tip and Doc 3 isn't, that's an issue).

Regarding "open vs. closed", a lot of it is doctor preference. Lots of doctors have weighed in on this at RealSelf. Here are some of their opinions:

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This is one of those questions where every surgeon has a preference; sometimes it depends on what needs to be done but often it's "just" an approach.

Have any of the doctors done digital imaging to give you an idea of what your final look will be?

For the quote differences, it is best to choose your doctor irregardless of what they're charging (easy for me to say!). Look at the whole picture: personality, qualifications, communication, and results they believe they can achieve. Price does not always dictate quality. Especially in some cases when you're talking about a difference of only $900 between three surgeons, the other factors are way more important (incidentally, did Doc 4 explain why he would cost twice as much?).

Hope this helps you sort things out. Please don't hesitate to ask some other RealSelfers who have already had rhinoplasty for help in making your decision. They're often a great source of advice too.

Good luck!