Otoplasty questions.. scared and help would be greatly appreciated

  • jameslondon
  • 3 months ago

Hi there , After doing lots of research and thinking about an Otoplasty procedure for a while, I have finally decided to go for it but I am scared and I want to make sure I am fully educated before going forward with it. I had a few questions: 1) So I will be back in School starting August 29, and today is August 5st. I booked a few consultations with different doctors, and have the option of having the actual procedure done on Aug. 13th, or Aug 21st with another Doctor. How much recovery time do you think is really necessary before I am back up on my feet again able to be in school? (Less time off work would be better for me, but am willing to do the earlier if that will be a safer option)..  On some websites I read that the head bandage should be worn 24/7 for 1 week, and others say 2 weeks. 2) What are some of the must-ask questions when going in for a consultation with the surgeon? ** If it matters, the 2 surgeons I am deciding between are : Dr. Cory S Goldberg and Dr. Michael J. Weinberg in Toronto, ON Canada. Honestly I am not sure who else to ask, every practicing surgeon I ask I feel like the are just trying to sell me. So if you could please give me a shout back, it would mean the world to me. Thanks, Kevin