Otoplasty recovery time

  • 4 years ago

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What about the swelling inside the ears? how long untill that goes away? My right ear looks good but my left one looks really swollen still....
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I had otoplasty 8 days ago, the sensation to my ears is still dull, when will the sensation be normal? and how long for the swelling to disappear?

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I had mine done 10 months ago and it's still uncomfortable to sleep on it and there's ugly marks on the inside of my ears although they said there will be on the back of my ears and the best of all it wasn't even cut on the inside????? WTF???!!!!
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After 3 weeks, I still can't sleep on my side and my ears are very stiff, numb, and are sensitive to bending/mild impacts. Also, bending over, lifting, or getting the heart rate elevated still make the ears run hot uncomfortable. Damaged nerves also provide weird sensations 3-5 weeks later such that you feel like your ears are folded forward until you caress them with a finger. I was able to bike a great distance 10 days after the surgery, but that's bc my style doesn't get my heart rate up. Overall, I definitely would not recommend scheduling anything where you have a helmet that presses on the ear for 2 months after you have the operation. There is a moderate risk for small hematomas (I got one), which only increase the healing time and potential for aggravation.
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so now a year and some later how are the ears? are they "normal"?
Almost at 3 months and I still awake when I turn. Very sensitive all around the ears, but they look so much better so I try not to whine.