Help for Otoplasty Results

  • wishing12
  • Fort Wayne, IN
  • 2 years ago

i did otoplasty for birth deformation but what the doc told me is totally different than the result in all ways. this my pics

may be some one capable to fix or he knew some one can do it or tells me it cant be fixed.. to remove this thing from my thoughts. 

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Hi wishing 12, As you are looking for a doctor with an extensive knowledge of otoplasty and don’t mind how far you have to travel, or how much it costs, I can recommend Dr. Bern who operates on protruding ears with a new, minimal invasive method, the "stitch method" in Constance, Germany. He has already pinned several thousand ears and I’m sure that, apart from the clinic where he is operating, there is no other clinic in the world where so many ears have been pinned. To avoid going there for nothing, I’d advise you to first take some photos of your ears and send them per email to Dr. Bern, i.e. his clinic. He will give you a reply in English as to whether an improvement can still be made on your ears or not. The link to this ear clinic is: Kind regards from Dr. Merck
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This Pic for good one, i couldn't upload more than one pic
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