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Having a Labiaplasty Soon? Here Are 5 Things To Help You Prepare For Surgery

  • 5 months ago

For a labiaplasty, rest and relaxation is key post-operation

Preparing for any surgery can be a daunting undertaking — especially when dealing with your most precious parts. We've made labiaplasty prep a bit easier on you with these five simple tips to follow on your path towards happy healing.

1. Take time to rest — and ice! — after your surgery. Though it may be tempting to jump back into your everyday life, it's important to rest. Stay off your feet for the first few days after your surgery and ice the area to help reduce swelling. Make sure to have ice packs on hand for icing while you snuggle up to some good books and movies in bed. There's no better time to indulge in those guilty pleasure reality shows and trashy romance novels than after a labiaplasty!

2. Get to know those pain meds. Everyone has a different threshold to pain, and it's hard to tell how much pain you'll be in post-op, so it's best to be prepared. While some women are fine the next day, others may take up to five days to recover. Make sure to talk to your doctor about pain relief medication and any alternative pain relievers. When the time comes, you'll be very glad you did!

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3. Keep infection at bay by keeping clean. Here's a helpful tip from Dr. Joseph Michaels, one of the doctors here on RealSelf: Buy a spray bottle and a sitz bath (a large basin, or you can fill your tub with a little water to sit in) to help keep the area clean after you go to the bathroom.

Post-labiaplasty, stay away from restrictive clothing and try a cute muumuu
4. Stay away from restrictive clothing. This is probably an obvious one, but loose clothing will be much more comfortable during the first few days after surgery. Now is the time to bust out your coziest muumuu (and we know you have one)!

5. There will be no boom-boom in the bedroom. Sorry ladies, but sex is a big fat no for up to the first six to eight weeks of recovery. We know, we know, but It's only a short time  trust us, there are worse things!

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