A few questions... good PS in Orange county, Ca. Cost?... and question on high profile implants.

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  • 2 years ago

Hi... I've had my breast implants for 11 years now... I awoke the other morning to a encapsulated implant/breast. My breast was suddenly hard as a rock and the implant has shifted to where it's pressing up against the skin just above my nipple. I went to the original doctor who put them in 11 years ago and was very unhappy with the consultation. He spent about 5 min with me... basically telling me what I needed to do without asking me what I wanted and than scooting me out the door to meet with the woman who gives you the news on what the cost is going to be.

Does $9,000 sound right? Doctor wants to replace my low profile with high profile implants and to also do a lift. After 11 years, I have some sagging... what I've heard called the "ball in a sock" look. Truth is, if I need a lift, I would truly rather go a bit smaller and I do not want my boobs poking straight out.

I actually have two questions... does anyone know of a good Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon... a doctor who specializes in surgery... not dermatology and who is within 200 miles of OC, Ca? Also, does anyone have any information on the high profile implants? I've heard that they don't look natural and make your boobs stick straight out... giving you that "ball on a chest" look.

My old doctor that I saw the other day knows that I want my breasts to look as natural as possible and that I don't mind a bit of a natural slope to them... I'm just wondering why he would want to put in the high profile implants when I've heard that they do not look natural at all. I would really appreciate any information that anyone may have... thanks so much!  Peace & light. : ) I'm attaching a pic of my breasts just in case anyone has any suggestions...