9 Feelings You Have Before, During & After Tummy Tuck

  • 4 years ago

Part 2 of the Tummy Tuck Survival Guide

  1. Excitement – yahoo my hanging tummy is gone and I will look great.
  2. Anxiety – too many topics to cover on this one! Oh good lord I was a mess for about two weeks.
  3. Happiness – you really are happy you did this.
  4. Sadness – yes you will cry at the Hallmark Ads. Have no clue why but it passes quickly.
  5. Depression – mild though irritating
  6. Pain pain and more pain – this gets better by the day so hang on
  7. Exhilaration – ahhhh bliss my double muffin top is gone.
  8. Confusion – or as I like to refer to as the “What the Heck Was I Thinking” moments.
  9. Worry – what if my swelling doesn’t go down, will this pain end, what if my jeans don’t fit, hope I don’t gain weight because I am not exercising, my house is dirty and I can’t clean right now. Oh hell the list goes on. As women and mothers I think this is our favorite pass time so just roll with it. Nobody will die, the kids will survive and you can get the house back in order later. If people come to visit and don’t like your dirty house just send them packing……or hand them the mop and dust rag.

All of these feelings are totally normal so just ride the rollercoaster and know it will stop eventually. I am pretty sure my husband felt like he was living with Cybil for a couple of weeks. The moods changed more that I emptied my drains. Come on ladies ride the coaster with grace and be happy and proud that you did this procedure for yourself. We are so worth it. We have labored and delivered children so we can definitely survive this one.

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