Is anyone having a Breast Implant Revision in January or February 2014?

  • 9 months ago

A revision means you've already been through some type of breast surgery. We want to support you and cheer you on for the next surgery!

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Hello! I am scheduled for a revision on Feb 14th in Tucson, AZ. I am replacing my 400cc saline high profile implants with 650 saline high profile implants. I am considering asking for 700s so I don't love the volume that you get with swelling. The doctor recommended a periareola incision (again) and is removing some of the scar tissue. I originally requested silicone, but the doctor advised that an implant that size would require a crease incision. I really did not want additional scarring. My original BA was in Las Vegas in 2003 and I went from a 32B to a 34 full C small D cup. I want an increase in volume...I had a baby and nothing has been the same since. I did not experience any type of complications from the first surgery. I'm not sure what to expect as far as size this time. I live a very active lifestyle and I am serving in the military scheduled to deploy in June.
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You may have seen this link, but just in case, it lists doctors in Henderson, NV that specialize in revisions. Hope we'll see a review from you soon so we can easily follow your research progress!
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Just had mine done on Thursday. I'm going in to get the bandages off today so I'm a little anxious to see what I've got going on under there. I had to have a double bubble removed and my implant was also extruding. So my surgeon had to cut off a half moon of skin that was too weak to save. I went from 470ccs to 400... so I know my breasts are going to look radically different from what I'm use to. I'm ok with going smaller and I think with the removal of the skin, I'm going to get a mini-lift out of the deal as well. My biggest concern is that this complication doesn't happen again. I told my surgeon to do whatever he had to to make my breast look normal again. I'm praying that's what I've got when I see them again today!
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I will check your review for an update! Hope you're happy but don't forget you have to heal before you judge your final results! ;)
Yes...I am scheduled or implant exchange and breast lift on January 14th 2014. My original breast augmentation was in March, then I formed a double bubble on both breast, had revision surgery in clinic in October for that. Still didn't work. So we are trying a whole new approach. I didn't originally have a breast lift, but in reality needed one. Good luck to you!
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Will you be going over or under the muscle? I have over now and thought I should go under to get the look I want ( fake). The PS I went to said the I can still get that look with going over.... I'm nervous about that.
We are going back "under". Using the same pocket, but I am getting a lift as well this time. Hopefully this will correct everything. I originally wanted a natural look, but now I am comfortable if they look "fake". I am so nervous. I have to be checked in the hospital at 8am tomorrow morning. Good luck to you. Everything will work out in the end. :)
Good luck!!!
I'm hoping to get a revision in the next few months. I'm starting to research PS now.,I actually have a consultation to day with Dr. Hankins in Henderson, Nv. I'm an F now with implants over the muscle, I want smaller and higher. I'm excited!!! Anyone out there have suggestions for PS I should go see?
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