28yr.old silicon implants over muscle are ruptured- experienced PS recommends replace in same pocket. Any suggestions?

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  • 1 year ago

I am a very athletic, active 59 year old, 5' 4 1/2", 125lbs.  My upper chest is flat. I wear a 36 C bra and don't fill out the top part well.  My current implants are 250 cc old Dow Corning silicon over the muscle.  Both sides have some painless capsular contracture.  Have had them for 28 years. I always knew I would get them replaced someday and was waiting for something greatly improved to hit the market.  I recently had trauma to one breast -it went soft immediately.  Gyn doctor recommended not doing anything-his opinion -silicon does not harm the body.  Had a mammogram which confirmed the rupture.  Then I began having a strange itching rash.  I started looking before scratching and I have red streaks that flare up-itch like crazy then goes away--mostly on my forearms and wrist.  Other times I get a red blotchy rash anywhere on my body that itches like crazy and goes away.  GYN doctor said it was my worry and imagination causing it.  I decided to go to 30 year experienced Board Certified PS.  Took pictures and showed the rash to the PS--he said it looked like my lymph system was effected. Needless to say I am getting the implants out.  PS recommends replacing with round high profile implants over the muscle in same pocket.  He likes Allergan Natrelle implants. The younger PS in the same office recommended take old ones out, leave out for at least a month and then put new ones in under the muscle.   Experienced PS says the pocket won't heal right.  He thinks best results for me are over muscle, especially because I am athletic and my job requires lifting.  He would consider using the newly FDA approved Sientra Silimed High -Strength Cohesive Silicone Gel smooth rounds he recently learned about at a conference.  He expects to get them soon- has never used them yet but he said they feel natural and less contracture rate.  I read  they keep their shape, I am afraid I will have balls on my chest when I lay down. He recommends go slightly bigger or at least go the same 250cc size.   My main concern is the high rate of capsular contracture though-- I don't have the finances to have repeated revisions and no company warranty covers that.    I wish I never had them in the first place--my breast were totally deflated after breast feeding three great kids for average one year each.  Implants were the rage back then.  If I leave them out both PS and my new husband (married one year now) thinks I won't be happy.   I didn't have health problem before the rupture.  I have thought about going to a bigger city 3 hours away for another opinion.  Anyone have this happen to them?  What did you do?

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I have a problem you may be able to help me with. I am 62 and I had the Dow smooth round at 30 and the Replicon at 40. I have to replace them. I am 5"5" 145-150lbs, subglandular, no children, and have Replicon 385cc round silicone. What did you do is my question too? Thanks for answering me. The problem is I have seen 2 docs and I told them I like how I look and I want them the same. I had 385cc so that isn't the problem. One doc is 38 and likes to use high on his patients and he will be doing my surgery but he will use mod+ if I want.. The second opinion doc is in 60's and says mod+ is what he uses on his patients. It seems like they could just look at me and pick the right thing. If two of them were like this and can't tell me, how am I suppose to know? I have had the subglandular for 32 years and 22 years ago they said I couldn't switch because it stretches your skin and I would just have loose skin hanging off. I can't understand why they can't lay me down and measure the width and height of the implant. I shouldn't have to agonize over this decision. It's hard to find subglandular patients who have similar circumstances. The older Doc even suggested I go down 35cc so I would sag more and look more natural and I would have fewer problems in the future. He said do you want to keep carrying those things around, don't they get in the way? I told him they were bigger than I originally wanted but I am use to them. I don't were bras and I am going to sag anyway and he wants to speed up the process. All the docs on the website say take a picture to the doc for a consultation and they will decide what you need. I took them myself to look at, feel and measure and they can't tell me what I need. They tell me what they use on their patients. I have been agonizing, asking docs on line because mine are not helping, and trying to research. I have to order them on Monday for my surgery on Thursday. I have prescriptions for 400cc high and 375cc mod+. I may need 375cc high and not be able to find the doc to write the Rx. I have already paid the hospital and my good insurance is cancelled 12/31/2013 thanks to Mr. Obama so it's now or never. Any help would be appreciated.
I meant I'm hoping for a 34C.
My story is similar. I'm 60 and had my first implants put in 30 years ago. I had breast fed 5 children. My husband has been after me to replace for a long time. I have contracture in my left breast and most likely ruptured according to my PS. I really wanted to just remove and get a breast lift at first but my husband and PS do not think I would be happy. I hate the 34G's I'm carrying around. I used to be a D cup but I have gained 20 pounds over the years and my breast have grown with age. I'm 5'7 and currently 155. After lots of thought I am going with smaller implants and hoping for a 34G. My surgery is next Monday Aug 5th. Good luck with whatever you decide. It's a difficult decision.

I'm sorry you're dealing with the rupture and itchy rash. One thing you could do is have your implants removed and see what you think before re-implanting. Check out the breast implant removal community, it might help you decide.

If you'd like some professional input, you might try posting a question in the doctor Q&A community.