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10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Restylane

  • 3 years ago

In our Restylane community many people look back on their experiences and say, "I wish I had known..." some information prior to undergoing treatment. Here are 10 tips from RealSelf community members that you may find helpful. Feel free to add your own in the comments! --Sharon

1) Choosing a Provider

My biggest advice is to pick someone with lots of experience. A plastic surgeon or dermatologist. This product is very, very operator dependent. Unfortunately, there are so many little "spas" and "clinics" popping up here that are money-driven with limited experience. The extra cost is worth the freedom from worry, and the superior results will save you money since you will not be back for "corrective" procedures. -texas-tea

I went to a well-known plastic surgeon in the area and trusted him completely but he let me down big time. It went horribly! I'm anxiously waiting for it to completely dissolve. He overfilled under my right eye and barely put anything under my left. -candieapple

The more training the doctor has with the injectable, the higher their "certification" in that injectable. The certifications come from training through the manufacturers of the injectables. I'd rather know that the person injecting this stuff in my face has taken significant time and effort to learn how to do it right. Otherwise, anyone with an "M.D." or a "D.O." after their name is allowed to inject as far as the law is concerned. My doctor has silver and platinum level certifications in these injectables, but she's not a plastic surgeon. -BV in NC

2) During the Treatment

The process itself wasn’t painful at all. I waited about 15-20 minutes for the numbing cream that was slathered on my under eyes to take effect. The injection process took about 10-15 minutes. My doctor would inject small amounts, take a step back and look at my face, and keep going. After he was finished, I looked at my face and was so happy -- I wasn’t hollow any more! -sunshine26

I had a dental block done first. I HIGHLY recommend this. I thought the pain would be unbearable and it wasn't. In fact, the only injection I felt was the first one. It felt like someone was pinching my upper lip. It wasn't painful; just felt like a quick pinch. After that I felt nothing. -Tara36

It was painful even with a dental block and numbing cream. Maybe my doctor is a little rough. I had injections once with less pain but it was a different filler so I don't know if it was the injector or the filler. -Bluesky

3) Bruising & Swelling

The bruising has been terrible! It has been a week and there are purple/black dots on my lips. I called the surgeon's office and they said that it should take up to two weeks for the bruises to fade. While I love the difference the Restylane has made to the look of my lips, I'm not sure I would do it again because the bruising is so noticeable. -Lisa in London

The second day was the day that I looked like Janice, the beatnik Muppet; two days later they were back to pretty normal. -UCLA_student

Bruising is very injector dependent. There is always a risk; however, if the injector goes slow enough and gentle enough, bruising is slight. Also, avoid blood thinners before injection, e.g. aspirin, Advil, fish oil, red wine. Also, Arnica works very well. -rnmercy89

4) Recovery Tips

Things I do to prevent bruising: Eat fresh pineapple, no alcohol for a few days before, take Arnica Montana and eat lots of dark green veggies. I bruised a little on one of the three sessions. -Bluesky

Watch your diet -- no white breads, no salt. Sleep on your back with your head up on two pillows. -babyjoe

My doctor asked that I not mold the filler around my eyes or press on my face, and to not use any ice. -sunshine26

My doctor told me not to smile for 48 hours post-procedure so the Restylane would stay where she injected it. This was difficult for me, so I tried to stay away from people for 48 hours so I wouldn't smile so much. -texas-tea

5) Restylane Technique

Be aware that the initial results you see will be a combination of swelling and the filler, so if you love the way you look immediately after your injections, you're probably going to want to add a bit more in about two weeks when everything settles in. On the other hand, if you think you have too much fullness immediately after your injections, just chill out for a day or two and see how you feel once the swelling goes down. -BV in NC

I had it injected under my eyes to reduce the appearance of dark circles. I was very happy the first few times, but the doctor overfilled this last time. Tell your doctor to err on the conservative side! -premature

I think to get effective tear trough filling, you need to fill in any lost volume in the upper cheeks, right under the tear troughs, as well. This will allow the tear trough correction to blend smoothly into the cheek area. Otherwise, it can end up looking like your eye bags are even bigger and lower! -Peace117

6) Side Effects

This time when I went back for Restylane I ended up with a nodule. I think it is because my doctor seemed rushed this time. It is disappointing to end up with noticeable nodules when the entire reason I pay for Restylane and go through the pain and hassle is to smooth out bumps I already have (silicone granulomas). I do think I will keep trying because I think it offers some improvement and usually he is patient and careful. -Bluesky

I had two small injections to correct my eye hollows. Perfect results -- absolutely flawless -- and it made a huge difference. I went back for a top-up and from there it has been a nightmare! I am not sure if it was an overcorrection but I'm left with a bad case of the Tyndall effect (bruise-like coloring) and puffy lumps under my eyes, like bags. Not very attractive. It has been seven months and no sign of going away. -syd88

Sometimes Restylane can draw a lot of water into it, creating bags. My under eyes were a little puffy for a few weeks following the injections but did settle down. If the bags do not improve and are caused by overfilling, the product can be dissolved. -JessieRose85

7) Touch-ups and Corrections

If you feel a lump or unevenness, go back. It can be massaged out and/or a little added. For lumps or too much trout pout, etc. I've seen good results with the Neutrogena vibrator face cleanser. Take off the sponge cleaning part and it's smooth underneath. Worth a try before an injection to reverse. -awalk

Take it slowly. I've have the cheeks and tear troughs filled just a little each time, using the extra from what's used in other areas of my face, over the course of about a year. Even for a skilled injector, the tear trough area is very tricky. You can't know exactly where the filler will take, or how much volume it will create. Be patient and go slowly for a really nice effect. -Peace117

8) Dissolving Restylane

The fact that it can be dissolved makes it (to me) a better filler than the longer lasting ones because mistakes happen with everything. I'm finding that not enough people are aware of the fact that it can be dissolved quickly (less than one day) and it is very upsetting to get a bad Restylane job or to have it act weird in your body. Dissolving it isn't all that new either, it's just that only doctors who do Restylane a lot are aware of this. -UCLA_student

I still have a little "bubble" of product under my left eye that I'm really hoping will go away soon. I thought about having it dissolved with hyaluronidase, but was afraid that would cause it to look even worse. So I'm just waiting it out. -candieapple

9) How Long Does Restylane Last?

I had to go back every three months for a "refill" varying from 1/2 to 1 full syringe, for the first two years, then it was less and less frequently. Now it's just twice a year and it looks great. -BizyMom

In one year, I've spent $3,200 for Restylane injections in small areas on my lips. Restylane looks great when I've just had the injections, but they only last less than three months. -jlosc

It depends where you get the Restylane as to how long it lasts. In the lips it lasts only three months or so because we move our lips so much. On the parts of the face where there is less movement, it lasts longer. Nasolabial folds last up to six months. It also does not matter if it is your first or twentieth treatment, results are the same. -voyajer

10) Was It Worth It?

It was great at first but didn't last. If you can afford to come up with the cash every 6-8 months or so, you can get those lines taken care of. Otherwise, it's a little harsh on the budget for a few months of not seeing those fine lines. I can't afford it and I basically threw my money away. -moonflower

The Restylane helped to fill out my lower face and when I smile (even a BIG smile), there are no major smile lines. The look is very natural and I would do it again. -lisa k.

I noticed it lasted longer when I first got the injections. Now, as I think about how much I shoveled out over time, facial surgery would have cost nearly as much. The bruising is time taken away from that small window of time a person can enjoy the results before it's time to shell out for another round of injections. -gherkins

It made a huge difference. I know Restylane is not my final solution but I am very happy with it now. If I go for it a couple times and am still pleased with my new look, I might start researching other procedures. But for now, I’m quite happy. -hottie09

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I loved my restylane the first 4 days but then the swelling went down and I looked the same as before just now with 2 large lumps under each eye. Its been 9mths since injection and I don't see a change. For the past few weeks my lump area are feeling heavy more so than before. Does this mean it is dissolving on its own. I hope so because I can't take hiding behind my glasses much longer. If it does not dissolve I am going to look into a lower eye lift
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I just saw a segment on the TV series called " Botched " where the woman went to Mexico to have under eye injections. The doctors could not find what they suspected to be injected - silicone, but mentioned that whatever was injected caused an inflammatory situation with the persons own fat bags. The injected material cause inflammation and made the bags larger. They went in to remove some of the fat pads and she looked amazing after it was done.
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I had restylane inejections in my nasolabial folds and corners of mouth when I was about 46 years old. (I'm now 55). What I found surprising, and had not read from anyone ahead of time - was that the Restylane also changed my smile. The tissue around my mouth was stiffer - so when I smiled it didn't look like my smile. It really upset me and never came to terms with it evern after a few months. I couldn't wait for it to dissolve - which it eventually did after about a year - but vowed I would never do it again. When I told the clinic that it changed my smile - she said 'yes it can do that'...but in all honesy I've never read anything that says that anywhere. On the other hand - you can 'see' it with some celebrities who have very distinctive individual smiles - and then lose it with they've had injectables - thus destroying the very thing that made them unique and special and 'them'.
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so glad I saw your post. agree that it can you a letterbox mouth like that reality star housewife -not for me pls!! I had a similar experience a few years ago, so I researched and could not find anything anywhere to back it up. I had a small amount injected into the folds (weren't deep to start with) and it gave me a downturned, droopy mouth that was noticeable in photos. At first I thought it must be age and that my mouth had suddenly dropped! After a year I noticed my mouth looked normal again and I got my dimples are back too lol. going forward I'll use it only for the tear trough and mid face area, just one vial, anything more can give you a pillow face. I found that each subsequent injection (in the same spot) lasts longer than the previous one so I only need to it every 18-24 mos unless I've lost weight.
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there are missing words in the above post, auto correct gone wild??
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Hi, I am thinking about Restylane for my hollow cheeks. Did your Restylane migrate at all. Did it feel nature when you felt in on your face? Am going to a very good PS. Did your nodule go away? Thanks for answering. Also, what silicone was in your face? aNother filler? Thanks a lot.
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I had "JUVÉDERM VOLUMA" in my cheeks. It's only used in the cheeks because it's thick, and lasts for 2-3 years. Great product!!! Don't use Restylane in your won't last. The Voluma is more expensive, but well worth it, because it last so much longer. Do the math, it ends up being cheaper.
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Great so did I except you need about 2 syringes in each cheek which is not what the doc tells you .I did that wasnt pleased with one syringe in each cheek went back for radiesse
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Here's my question; after years or months of getting injections and then finally choosing to dissolve them from the lips, if I am not mistaken I have noticed the lips become stretched out, in a sense, of where the filler was, the skin on the lips is a bit more deflated and not the same as when you had started doing the procedures. I can attest to friends lips changing shape and looking even worse then when they started the injections once they removed the fillers.
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This was very informative. Thanks!
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I recently had Restylane and Juvederm injected into my tear troughs, my nasolabial folds, at the corners of my mouth, and under my chin. This procedure was done on July 30th (appx. 6 weeks ago). This was the first time I have ever had anything done to my face. I am 59 years old. I have never smoked; I don't drink more than socially; and I have never suffered any kind of sun damage. I wanted to look a bit younger before my recent trip to Japan. I've had friends who have had Botox, Restylane, and Juvederm injections over the past five years, and they look wonderful, so I thought I'd finally give it a try. I found the injections excruciatingly painful, and in spite of having had no aspirin or any vitamins for more than a month beforehand, and using small ice packs all over my face 24/7 for two days afterward, I remained horribly bruised at every injection site for almost two weeks. No, make-up could not hide the bruises. Once the bruising subsided, I noticed big bags were now under each of my eyes where previously there had been only a very small one on one side of my face. In other words, I looked much worse than before. Today, it's been six weeks since the injections and at long last, the bags are beginning to look less noticeable. There was no appreciable difference or improvement to my nasolabial folds or the down-turned corners of my mouth. On the day of the injections, I paid the plastic surgeon, one of the highest rated doctors in Dallas, TX, more than $3,000 for a procedure that did nothing to improve my appearance, and even though the bags under my eyes are finally receding (after six weeks), I consider this procedure a complete waste. I had actually planned to have a face lift eventually with this same doctor. Now, I just don't know if I can trust him to be able to improve the appearance of my face and neck with any procedure.

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There are doctors who do great surgery and do lousy injections. I have researched this subject a lot since I have used fillers in the past. I went to one doctor's office and the doctor was not so great, but the RN was; that is, until she made an error about which filler she had used on me in the past, and injected Radiesse into my tear troughs (not ever to be used in this area) and I thought I would have to go to the ER. I then went back to another doctors office. The RN was the only person to use injectables. I found her to be very inexperienced in the areas of injection. It is really an art and complicated in how to place it and how deep to go. This last time, she injected my lip and corners of my mouth because I felt my mouth was drooping. She took away my laugh lines on the side of my nose. We all have them!! I look stretched to the max when I smile. $1700 and I am do disappointed. Not sure who I can find in my city that does great injections. I may try a dermatologist next. I have read that ones who work with fillers know the skin. My point is that there could be a surgeon who does great fillers, or does just great surgery v a doctor who does great fillers.
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Go where your friends went.
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Did the bags under your eyes disappear?
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I had a horrible reaction 2 months after restylane and voluma. My doctor had no idea what to do and didn't listen when I kept saying there was a problem. I've had 4 injections to dissolve the nodules and look terrible. This has been a nightmare and after my dr. Said to consult with someone else that has dealt with complications I have had to navigate through this experience alone. The doctor I have now feels that this can be corrected but am very scared. I would never had done it if I was told about biofilm infections
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I've been dealing with biofilm infections in my lips from Restylane for over a year. It has been a complete nightmare. I've been on numerous antibiotics and had at least 5 injections to dissolve it. It was so bad at one point that I couldn't go to work! I finally thought it was over when I went 8 months without any problems and now it's back again. I don't know what to do. I've even seen an infectious disease doctor and he was clueless.
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Skylar, my heart goes out to you and to others who've been suffering with this infection. I'm not an alarmist, I like to be informed and weigh the pro's and con's and have been following this thread. I've has restylane a few times and am astonished to learn that it can stay in your face for years and still get infected. I'm surprised this topic wasn't discussed as a possibility by either my PS or dentist. Here's some more info:
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Thank you for your response. I never imagined I would be continuing to deal with this over a year later. It has been 27 months since I even had any injected in my lips, and I have had numerous injections to dissolve it (not to mention countless rounds of abx). What is the most frustrating is that I can't seem to find anyone else who has had this happen in their lips. Every incident I've found has been cheeks or tear troughs. I've yet to find one like mine where someone has developed lesions that destroy several layers of lip tissue. In the one article you mentioned, the patient had a dental procedure that possibly contributed. But I haven't even had that. I have very good dental hygiene and have never even had a cavity. I am now wondering if the Restylane that is still present in my nasolabial folds have somehow migrated through my bloodstream into my lips. It seems unlikely, but I don't know why I would continue to have issues after all this time.
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I had to have a lower eye lift. My surgeon said it was like a thin film of plastic was laid down there. I still have discoloration. Radiesse is never to be used in the tear troughs because it is meant as a deep filler.
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I have read that it is better to let the filler dissolve by itself rather using a dissolver. Seems to me that the dissolver can also cause problems.
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I had to finally have a lower eye lift. The swelling never went down. The reconstructive surgeon made me wait a fill two years before he touched me. When he go in there, he said it was like shredded plastic and he tried to remove what he could. I definitely look better now. I am just glad I did not go blind. It was that horrible.
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