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10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Butt Augmentation

  • 3 years ago

In our butt augmentation community many people look back on their experiences and say, "I wish I had known..." some information prior to undergoing surgery. Here are 10 tips from RealSelf community members that you may find helpful. Feel free to add your own in the comments! --Sharon

1) Choosing a Doctor

A lot of people don't do their homework ahead of time and they end up messed up. I was very careful about everything. I checked credentials, visited the office, looked at the surgery room, spoke to the anesthesiologist.... I checked until I could check no more. You must do your homework and everything should pass with an A+. [by special1]

Ladies, and gents, shop around. Bargains are for other things, like shoes and stuff. This is literally your life. [by susie84]

2) Preparing for Surgery

If you are considering undergoing this type of surgery, plan to do it during a time where you will not have any major obligations for the first one to two weeks post-op. [by Jade2153]

At first I started to gain weight. I thought, "I want my fat to be big and juicy for the transfer," because my doctor would only put in 400cc max at a time. I wanted the best results possible. When I told my doctor that I was trying to gain weight he said, "Why?" He said that if my cells were smaller he could collect a greater number of them in that 400cc. He said for me to gain weight after if I wanted, and that when you gain weight your fat cells fill up more. If I then had more living fat cells in my butt area, that I would be more likely to gain weight there. [by buttbutterfly]

3) Local Anesthesia vs. General Anesthesia

I was under for seven hours. That is one of the reasons I used the surgeon I did; I didn't want JiffyBooty done on me. I know of doctors who do the procedure in two hours. It's like when I was in school -- I could do a half-assed (no pun intended) research paper in two or three hours, or do it properly and spend hours and hours on it. Yes, I was terrified of the anesthesia, but like I was told, I don't think it's how long you're under -- you can have complications even if you are under only for a little while. [by susie84]

I wasn't awake for the procedure. It was the best sleep ever. [by ameena 1]

I was awake for my procedure -- a drug called Versed was used. Did it work? I don't want to scare anyone, but if you have the option of general anesthesia, I'd highly recommend it. I remember most of my procedure, including waking up to a giant needle stabbing me in the buttocks repeatedly, my legs kicking and flailing but no one doing anything to relieve my discomfort. In the end, Versed did nothing to resolve my "memory" of the procedure, so please talk to your surgeon about the type of anesthesia administered. [by sputnik]

4) Post-op Pain

The first 24 hrs were hell! Pain like I've never felt before and I have two kids. If you can withstand pain for 24 hours, you will be fine. [lfrancis414]

I have to say I wasn't in that much pain. I mean yes, I was sore, but not in enough pain to take any of the pain pills. I took Tylenol Extra Strength and I was okay. Bending was hard, but after three weeks I was okay. [by Fab09]

I could fully sit down about three weeks later. I was only out of work for two weeks, but honestly the pain lasted about six weeks. The pain wasn't in my butt, it was more in my lower back and stomach were the doctor lipoed. [by ameena 1]

5) Recovery Tips

I do feel fine, considering I've been poked and prodded all over, but I still can't sit. I'm sore -- not on the booty -- on the lipo spots, and I feel weak, like all I want to do is nap. If you have smaller children, even eight days after this procedure, you are going to have to need help -- a hubby, a girlfriend, someone, for an extra week. [by susie84]

Drink a lot of water -- it will help you heal faster and diminish any surgical scars -- and don't sit, to keep as much of the fat as possible. [by Minaj]

The very worst part, believe it or not, is just doing everything on my stomach! Having to eat, drink, sleep, watch TV, always on my stomach. I killed my neck. That was by far the worst part for me. That and sleep deprivation... I can't sleep that way! After much trial and error, I found that sleeping with myself propped up on a slant, with many pillows and the cushions off my couch, sleep is at least somewhat possible now. My knees and elbows are sore from the pressure of sleeping this way, but it has been the most comfortable for me. [by buttbutterfly]

I returned to work in two weeks but i wish I would have stayed home more time. Two weeks after the procedure, I did not have pain, I was uncomfortable. I had to wear the girdle which is super tight, and you are still sore and uncomfortable. I used the cushion at work and I had an armless chair, where I sat backwards so my butt hung off the chair.... It was difficult but its worth it now. [by lfrancis414]

6) Will I Have a Compression Garment?

The garment that they gave me is from my breast to my knees, but it has a wide opening in the bottom and you could go to the restroom without taking it off. I wore the one my plastic surgeon gave me at first but then I went to Kohl's and bought a more comfortable one. [by tinktink]

I wouldn't have been able to sleep without it! You have to wear it in order for the swelling to go down properly. Also to keep the bottom from going flat. [by Fab09]

7) When Can I Sit Down?

I was afraid of the recovery, especially because not being able to sit sounds like a huge deal, but it was worth it. I was able to sit after one week, but you cannot sit with the upper part of your butt touching the chair. That is, you have to sit with your back very straight. After four weeks, I could sit normally. [by 8138anon]

It's quite pain in the a... literally! And the part about not being able to sit is no fun either. Until someone told me to use a Boppy pillow. That was a life saver! [by CalGal]

I could not sit for three weeks and when I had to go somewhere I sat on a Boppy pillow. Even now when I will be sitting a long time, I still use it, but my plastic surgeon told me three weeks. [by tinktink]

I didn't use cushions; I just sat straight up really proper. [by ameena 1]

They show you a technique where you are able to "sit"... just not on your butt. You have to use rolled up towels and put one under your legs and one behind your back. This way, you are "sitting" but your butt isn't really touching the seat. That's how I drive! I must admit it's very difficult and I can't go for very long in that position but let's just say I have been keeping the driving to a minimum since my surgery. You just really need to plan for it. I mostly lay on my stomach and when that gets too uncomfortable, I stand. I am a student and I emailed my teachers telling them that I had a surgery and that I had to kneel during class... so that's exactly what I do. I kneel on the chair. [by Jade2153]

8) Liposuction & Drainage

The fat was harvested from my upper/lower abs, flanks, lower hips, lateral back and upper arms to part of the armpit area. Needless to say, having just the lipo alone would've been a lot, but adding the fat transfer to the butt has made this one tough recovery. [by sputnik]

I had a lot of lipo spots -- 15 total I think I counted, and I had my drains in for 24 days -- so maybe that is why it took a good month for me to feel 100%. [by susie84]

I had one drain that stayed in two days and then was removed. I hated it; it made an impression on my stomach a little but it's fading away. I use Vitamin E oil and cocoa butter. That's also helping my scar fade. [by tinktink]

9) Implants vs. Injections

Two years ago I got implants, which made for a lovely "shelf" in skirts. But the reality is that it was a deformity without clothes, kind of like fraud, and I am out in the dating world -- ouch. [by susie84]

I had hydrogel injections back in 2007 and 2008. The lady who injected me said she was giving me 2500cc (not all at one time). My butt was big for a year. After a year: Back to the flatlands and out $6,000. No complications but I regret it now because of the horror stories. [by butterpecanr]

I had butt implants done. I like the look, but I don't like how hard they are. The doctor says that it takes a few months for them to get soft and natural-feeling. [by nicole111]

I had silicone injected into my butt 2006. I almost died from it. It took me over a year to heal after having a surgery to drain the silicone out of my buttocks. I regret it so much. The person was unlicensed. My butt was bigger. I got lots of compliments and men chasing me, but it almost cost me my life. [by 1chloe]

The butt augmentation was a bust.... but as far as butt implants go, I wouldn't do it. I've heard too many negatives about them. I'd imagine you can feel the implants when you sit down too. I say this, only because I could feel my fat injection lumps for months afterwards, and that was my own fat that had been relocated. I can only imagine an implant feels much firmer under the skin. [by sputnik]

10) Long-Term Results

A Brazilian Butt Lift gives you immediate results. If you can't see results now, you won't in three to four months. [by lfrancis414]

I think I was lucky. I would say I retained 80 to 90 percent of the fat that was injected. I was measuring my butt the whole time, almost daily. From day one to week three, I went down an inch and a half only. It hasn't changed since then. [by buttbutterfly]

I was disappointed about the results. I thought I was going to wake up with this great butt I have been wishing for but instead I woke up to a flat, sore butt. I do see a big difference, my stomach is flat and I have a curves now, but as far as my butt I see just a little change [by treina]

At almost six weeks post-op, my bottom has shrunk considerably. Most of the fat placement has shifted downward, there is some fullness to the cheek areas, but not the upper buttocks, as was the goal. I can now say I don't feel the end result was worth the effort. Too much fat was re-absorbed. [by sputnik]

I can barely tell if I had fat injected into my butt now. It seems like I had nothing done to my butt honestly. The liposuction, I can tell. My stomach looks a lot better and I lost my love handles (which is great)! My butt is a little -- when I say "little" I mean little -- plumper. Not what I wanted, which sucks. They injected some fat to the sides of my butt to fill it a little. [by Savannah304]

While this surgery definitely requires some planning and some sacrifice, it is well worth it if you are seriously looking for a change in your overall shape. I have no regrets and having this surgery was one of the best things I could have done for myself! My waist is tiny, my stomach is flat, my back is arched and my butt is big, round and smooth. Also, all of the incisions are virtually gone after only four weeks. [by Jade2153]

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Wow! That is stringent! Funny how every Doctor has a different protocol. It never hurts to err on the side of caution though. I am at about 2 1/2 months. The first month my bum never hit any surface and slept on my stomach. My doc graduated me with progressive sitting on a foam pillow so I could make the 6 hour flight home. Only sitting up to an hour then up for 15. I was allowed to stand for most of the flight thank god. Only driving when I must, and then still on the 4 inch foam pillow. Currently I am not sitting on a daily basis, no sitting in coffee shops, or at friends houses, parties movies etc. I only sit when absolutely necessary. I wish I didn’t have to sit at all, as I want to keep what i have. I find myself waking up sometimes on my side or back, but i always go to sleep on my stomach. Wearing my garment 24 hours and plan to wear it for 6 months for sure. Wow your Doc recommend no sitting/sleeping on your butt for 6 months!! That is the most serious restriction I’ve heard, but it can’t hurt :)
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When do u think u'll be able to resume normal sitting
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I don ’t really want to :) I would do anything to keep my shape, that’s how happy I am. I figure at 3 months I will start doing it more, but knowing me I’ll probably bring my pillow everywhere and still try to limit it. In other words I used to lie on my back to watch movies, work on the computer, talk on the phone…I’ll definitely keep these to a minimum. Also I m kind of use to standing more than sitting at this point, so I’ll sit but probably for shorter times than normal. I bought a memory foam mattress topper so I have that on my bed but plan to continue sleeping on my stomach for as long as i can hold out . If anything happens I want to know that I did everything in my power to make it work. No regrets :)
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PS according to my Doctor, I can sit now but with a pillow even though I’m not doing it.
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Girl i hear u. I don't think I can last as long as u . When my 2 months are over I can't wait to live normally again. This stomach thing is killing me. I mean I'm seriously losing my mind not driving and doing my normal activities. I truly do like my results and of course want them to stay but this stomach and standing thing is so uncomfortable, especially eating standing up.
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Anywhere from 3-6 months.
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That's me too. I'm doing everything as instructed. But need life soon as normal. I can't walk around my corporate office with a pillow and attend meetings walking in with a pillow...just not acceptable, normal or realistic!
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I agree with you girl, hang in there as long as you can!
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Girl I'm trying. U too
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I felt the same way until my 2 months hit, so you never know :)
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You go gurl!!! Keep up the good work!
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I would not recommend butt augmentation to anyone because the post op care is very unrealistic for the average working woman. I was told that I cannot sit on my buttocks I cannot lie on my buttocks or my hips for a minimum of three months and that I had to wear my compression garment anywhere from 3 to 6 months. This type of surgery is for someone who does not have to work or can take off work for 60 to 90 days. Having to sleep on your stomach for 2 to 4 weeks is excruciating, you can't use the restroom normal for weeks, you can't drive for at least two weeks and then afterwards you have to use a pillow or something under your thighs for three months at a minimum which is very very uncomfortable. Therefore driving to and from work or any other place you have to go is so uncomfortable and just unrealistic! Overall, the post op care and instructions and what you have to do is totally totally unrealistic!!
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Hello Kay, This is my biggest fear, not being able to sit at work. The most i could take off is 2 weeks but after that what am i going to do.
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Sweetie I'm going on 2 weeks and I can tell u I think ur going to need more. Did u try FMAL
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All I can tell you is I had to take off 3 weeks. A 3rd week off is needed to get used to moving, bending, stooping and overall loosening up your muscles. You will also need to utilize the 3rd week to figure out the best position for you to drive. You will need to start with short distance then long distance destinations. I have another 3 weeks I have to wear my garment full time and then 8 hours a day for the next 3-6 months. Like I said for a professional woman who has to wear suits, etc. this is not going to work for me. I purchased another garment which still shows in the thigh area when I wear pants, ugh! I can't sit in my butt anywhere from 3-6 months...another UGH!
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What is that? Today is my third week
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I'm at my 3rd week post op today!
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I am on my 4th day after surgery. I can definetley see the results in my lipo and my butt. I must honestly say it's not worth the amount of pain I'm in. I hate feeling like I have to through up. I can't eat. I can't sit down. It's so uncomfortable laying on your stomach every minute of the day. I'm was so drugged up my eyes are swollen. I hate this pain and to think I have a few more weeks or months of this is torture. Even though I look exactly like what I payed for I'd pay double to take it all back.
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Did u get a butt implant?
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No Brazilian butt lift
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Omg, I felt the same way... I was like I wouldn't recommend it to no one. The pain and the going through process... Good grief. But it's done now... I hope you do feel better. God is GREAT! And he is definitely thee God of Healing....
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Hang in there, you are on your worse day now!!!! First day after you are still numb, also second. but 3/4/5 day are the worse. After that you will feel better quick!. At least that's my case. And for me I actually didn't had any pain, and not so many bruises. Take arnica tablets. They will make the bruises disappear quicker.
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The hardest is not sit and sleep on your belly, for about 3 weeks! my back was hurting so much. I got up every hour int he night, to walk around a bit and then go back to sleep. Good luck!
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Thank you I will. I just had my stitches removed yesterday and I feel much better. I worse part is missing school because of the no sitting. This Friday will be 2 weeks. I wonder if I can drive for at least 15 min at a time.. This garment feels like it's getting smaller and smaller not looser. I'm very happy with the results but this not sitting and garment thing is killing me!
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Thank you god is holding me down for surw
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