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This FDA-approved device delivers radio frequency (RF) waves designed to remove unwanted body fat and wrinkles. LEARN MORE ›
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I have been researching noninvasive treatments for awhile hoping for a miracle cure for the stubborn fat I can never lose in my thigh area. Just had my first treatment at Zhoy Vitality Center in the Tampa area. I went in a little nervous as I have read varying reports on the pain level. I was... READ MORE

I had 4 treatments done. It is somewhat painful because it is very, very hot. But I have a high tolerance for pain so I bit my finger to try and distract the feeling. They said I might see immediate results but that it usually takes 3 - 4 months to see any results. I exercise at least 5 times... READ MORE

I'm a mother of 3. Very thin frame but have a small belly. I exercise regularly and eat carefully. I had lot of lose skin and was recommended exilis. I had my first sitting yesterday. There was a lot of burning and tenderness for a few hrs but what followed was severe stomach cramps . It's been... READ MORE

Since the procedure I have lost from 230 to 206.I have had two Vanquish treatments and one Exilis treatment . I would strongly recommend it to anyone wanting to loose that hard to loose belly fat. Recommend you drink a lot of water before and after the procedure. I feel so much better and have... READ MORE

I have been doing Exilis for quite some time now, in MA, CA, Phoenix and now Tucson. Specialists in Dermatology is the only office where Exilis is performed in Tucson, and the experience there has been superior. The reason being that Specialists has introduced their own treatment protocol,... READ MORE

I am very excited! I will be going to Zhoy tomorrow for Exilis I have seen mixed reviews on it. Some people say its good others say it dosent work. I am going into the treatments eating healthy and only drinking water. I have realistic expectations so I'm ready to see what happens ! :) So far I... READ MORE

I went to Dr. Grossman to explore my options to reduce fat deposits and tighten skin in the abdominal area after weight loss. He advised me that I was a good candidate for Exilis. After 10 treatments my tummy is much flatter and I saw noticeable tightening in the areas that were treated. ... READ MORE

I had four treatments with the Exilis Elite for loose skin on my abdomen area. No amount of exercise was taking care of my problem area and I was considering scheduling a consult for a tummy tuck, but really didn't want a hip to hip scar. I tried the Exilis Elite in a last ditch effort and... READ MORE

The treatment took about 60 minutes for my face and neck. It was actually very relaxing with no after affects. I was treated 3 times total, every 2 weeks and it has now been almost 2 months since my first treatment. I definitely see a reduction in my wrinkles, specifically under my eyes and... READ MORE

I've been a patient for about 5 years now and all of my experiences have been amazing and visibly rewarding. Dr. Lupton and his staff are very professional, happy and always willing to help with any questions or concerns. Dr. Lupton puts me at ease because I trust him and am always very happy... READ MORE

I lost 15cm in my waist in over 6 sessions, I m over the moon with the Exilis :) Cant wait to go on with the slimming in 3 months time again. My life has changed!!!! My honest and frank advice to EVERYONE is to do the X-Wave cellulite treatment as well, you will love it and you will and you... READ MORE

I've had two sessions on my stomach and I haven't seen results yet. Person doing it doesnt seem concerned. I drank lots of water, exercised and I have measured myself and its the same. I got the two at a discount and so I dont know if I should continue, paying full price. I also had it done on... READ MORE

The procedure using the Exilis involved 4 localized treatments to my abdomen and area of waist near abdomen. It also involved tightening the skin in this area that was flabby from weight loss. The exilis causes mild discomfort during certain portions of the procedure but not so much that I... READ MORE

I was 53 at the time, have had 2 children and never did anything about the fat that had gathered around my abdomen. I went to an Elixis seminar and thought that was exactly what i needed to do!! It was so much cheaper than having the fat cut off! I thought I would give it a shot, I had nothing... READ MORE

I received 4 Exilis treatments on my lower abdomin, and also on my bra fat area. After my 4th visit my measurements were the exact same on my stomach, but I might have lost a little from the back/bra fat area, it's just hard to measure that area. I read that it doesn't work on 1% of people,... READ MORE

I had my procedures performed at Body Shapes Medical in Louisville KY. I purchased 4 procedures for $2000.00. I would have had better results running a Kirby over my neck and stomach. I am a 5'10" 165 lb male so it isn't like I had a ton of fat to be removed. I was assured on my first visit... READ MORE

I chose to get Exilis because with three children I do not have the time or money to get surgery. I just wanted to get my stomach smaller so I could continue to lose weight with exercise. I went for my appointment and the girl was friendly and talked me through it. Whenever it was too hot she... READ MORE

Went to OC Wellness 5 times. NO change what so ever - DO NOT Waste your money. I was so hopeful but literally I actually got larger. Although the first time I went the measurements were right after a barre class and every time there after was after work. I wish I had not spent the money. DON'T... READ MORE

I am 34 years old I am happy with my weight and my skin but I am self conscious of my under eye puffiness, dryness an wrinkles. I finally made an appt to get 4 exilis treatments and a facial. I never heard of this laser until today and I want to know your opinions? I could not find too much info... READ MORE

I just love Exilis! I have had a few different body areas done as well as my face. It's a miracle. For me, it is also the person who performs the procedure. Exilis is not permanent, but for me lasts about 18mos. after a series of treatments. There is heat involved and all one needs to do is ask... READ MORE

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