Buccal Fat Removal

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Buccal fat removal (aka cheek reduction) is the surgical removal of fat pads from the cheek. LEARN MORE ›
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I have to admit that for someone who researched their rhinoplasty surgeon so carefully I really dropped the ball on my other procedures. I had never been happy with the shape of my cheeks as they looked somewhat hamster like, especially on one side. I have had consultations for a facelift but... READ MORE

I have had abnormally disproportionally large cheeks my entire life. I am 35 years old finally out of a terrible marriage with a meth addict. I have never been happier with my overall appearance and confidence but my cheeks are something that I see every time I look in the mirror. I have been... READ MORE

I'm a 30 year old guy from Australia that always had chubby cheeks despite being slim or having low body fat. No matter what I did I couldn't lose the fat from my cheeks so I decided to get buccal fat removal. I was willing to travel anywhere to get this done by the best dr I could find and my... READ MORE

I got the buccal fat removal because I don't have the energy to exercise and my face would easily get bloated. It definitely did help, but it did leave two small indentations at the side of my face. Would I do it again? No. Because the day I get my energy back and start being more active is the... READ MORE

I have not had any buccal fat removal yet. But I would D like to now. If we have go pay evrything right away or if we can pay monthly? Thanks. I always hated my cheecks they are so round. I rarely take pictures because I feel like a chipmunk. The only way I will take pictures is when I do a duck... READ MORE

I have a tendency to ramble, so please forgive me in advance. Basically, I haven't had any kind of plastic surgery so far. I'm 25 years old and generally find myself quite attractive but like anyone else, there are things I might change. I've always wanted a narrower face, and I was considering... READ MORE

First and foremost English is not my first language so if my writing will have a Russian accent that because I have one )) So... I hated my fat cheeks since I was 14 or sometime near that age. But people kept telling me that the fat will melt away when reach the age of 20. Well I'm 25 now (just... READ MORE

I'm an underweight 25 year old with a naturally round/wide face and full cheeks of an 8 year old. The bottom half of my face is full with extra fat padding. I tried botox to thin out the bottom half of my face but it didn't yield the sculpted look that I'm hoping for. I then researched ways to... READ MORE

I'm a 22old-boy who was thinking about this operation.cuz my face cheek was big.?f i get had then its cust getting worse and worse than u can never imagine.So i got so bored about this shit.I was slim there days,was going to the gym every f*cking day and tried some dangereous drugs than help... READ MORE

Yesterday, had my buccal fat extracted and also neck lipo. Wearing a mask today so cant see whats under. Staying positive :) Always wanted to get rid off chubby cheeks and double chin. Will post some pictures soon. Procedure was not painful at all and today I am feeling good too.Very excited to... READ MORE

I've met with my surgeon: took before pics, he explained procedure, and said he also recommended facial liposuction for parts around the little round parts of lower cheeks. Through his computer imaging he showed me the after and I pray this will be the case. I am 2 wks and 2 days out from having... READ MORE

Firstly i was not going to write a review until the healing process was through but its been over 2months since i removed my buccal fat and its been a traumatic period. Its not working out for me my lower face is extremely rounder and fatter than before and im not swollen im scared that this... READ MORE

I read about Dr Sajjadian on realself and was very impressed by the stellar reviews. Having considered a number of surgeons in the LA and Beverly Hills area to perform Buccal Fat Removal, I decided to choose Dr Sajjdian given the results I knew he could achieve from the pictures on realself. In... READ MORE

I went to Dr. Mangat in mid July, 2014 for fillers in my tear trough area and some botox. While I was there...He decided upon himself..to inject a solution into an acne spot I had on my forehead. He said "You will thank me tomorrow". I was unaware that he injected the acne spot due to I was... READ MORE

I want my face to appear skinnier and tighter. Im looking into cheekbone reduction as well and rhinoplasty. Im sick of being weighed down by how chunky my face appears. I seriously cant look anyone in the eyes because i feel like they analyze the way i look and i know people tell me im beautiful... READ MORE

When I was 19 I still had baby fat and no cheekbone definition in my cheeks. My doctor (Dr. Julius Newman) unwisely advised me to get cheekbone implants and casually mentioned he'd be extracting my buccal fat pads. This alarmed me, as I knew that this surgery in irreversible, but he was certain... READ MORE

I had a fantastic experience working with Dr. Antell, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a plastic surgeon. I consulted Dr. Antell regarding two procedures to my face -- buccal fat removal as well as micro-liposuction under my chin. Any reservations I had about the surgery went... READ MORE

Ever since its my dream to have a JLo face lol. Seriously day by day im loving it . I can tell the development of my fat removal on my face. Dr. Alexander Sinclair did a good job I have to gargle salt in a glass of water to avoid infection. Still can't open my mouth that big. Still have this... READ MORE

Unfortunately, I went to a physician in my early 20s interested in one procedure and I instead of getting what I wanted (and still want---a chin reduction for a very long pointy chin), I let him talk me into a buccal excision. Not only did I not need this, it has made my lower face look chiseled... READ MORE

Hello, I have an oval shape face that I feel does not have a distinct definition between the upper checks and lower cheeks (the ones unwanted). I had fat injections done several times in the last 3 years (small amounts each time), on my upper cheeks but still haven't obtained that face structure... READ MORE

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