Leak + Breast Reduction

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Is It Normal For Wounds To Still Be Leaking 6 Weeks Post Op? (photo)

I had breast reduction 6 weeks ago! But unfortunately I've developed some bad wounds! They leak daily & I still have to cover them with... READ MORE

Does this look like a normal post op breast reduction? (Photo)

I am 2 weeks post op. 2nd week had heavy leakage (clear discharge + blood) and right breast pain. Was told it was normal - from swelling. Tape removed... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Safety and Still Leaking Breast Milk?

I am 27yrs old, 5'5" 178lbs with 42DDD/F breasts. Originally a 38D and went up a cup size with both of my pregnancies. lost 30lbs but no decrease in... READ MORE

Is Leakage Common After Drains Are Removed After Breast Reduction?

I had my reduction 2 weeks ago the drains were removed a week ago and everything was going well now I have leakage from my left breast that has a... READ MORE

I noticed an odor from right breast incision, causing leakage and offensive smell. Is this normal? (photos)

Hi,over the last couple of days I have noticed an odour form my right breast,it's not foul more a weeping smell I do what've some yellowish fluid... READ MORE

Does this look like it's getting infected underneath the nipple? Should I see my doctor sooner or is the redness normal? (photo)

Hi. I am 10 days post op and I have noticed redness on my scars on my left breast under the nipple today while changing my tapes. I have had a small... READ MORE

My breast started leaking after my breast reduction is that normal? (photo)

I had a breast reduction three weeks ago. I have no feeling in the lower half of my breast but i was told that that was to be expected. There are two... READ MORE

8 days post op Breast Reduction, I am still having leakage. Is this normal? (photos)

I am 8 days post op I notice my surgical tape is coming off and that I am still having leakage which is yellow. Is that normal? I have been wearing my... READ MORE

Leaking under breast and pain with possible hard lump. (photo)

Breast reduction on 8/15/2014. Had the drains taken out 1 week after operation. A few days after a leak under the breast .The fluid is light pink or... READ MORE

1 mont post op breast reduction leakage. Does it look ok? (photos)

Im 1 month post op from breast reduction and i still have very small leakage leaving reddish/brownish stains on my bra. Its on my incision below my... READ MORE

I have had a section of my scar which has been seeping, should I be visiting the doctor about this problem?

I have had a section of my scar which has been seeping. There seems to be a stitch hanging out. I pulled at it but it would not move. My ps told me to... READ MORE

I'm 2 months post breast reduction and one of my breasts is leaking around the nipple. Is it infected?

One of my breast leaks and burns really bad around the nipple and it is very tender..would this be an infection are what ,do I need to see my doctor... READ MORE

Breast reduction leaking with bits of blood - normal?

I know that some tan-colored leakage can be normal but mine occasionally has drops of red blended in (I'm assuming blood). It has no odor. Should I be... READ MORE

Can milk ducts be a problem during surgery?

I just had my consultation for a breast reduction, which would be covered by my insurance. The Dr said that since I stopped breast feeding a few... READ MORE

Heavy leakage from reduction. How should I treat this?

My reduction was on Dec 10. 2015. My breast were huge 40 DDD. No drains were inserted. I've had a non stop fever. Went twice to the ER and the surgeon... READ MORE

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