Scar Tissue + Breast Lift

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Hard and Numb Breast After Breast Lift - is It Normal?

I had a breast lift 1,1/2 weeks ago. They had to go twice in my right breast as I developed a hematoma, which they had to drain (its fine now, hardly... READ MORE

Scar Tissue After a Breast Lift. I have heard that massaging may help soften the tissue, I don't know what to do.

Hi, I had an implant removal and a breast lift two months ago. I have a lot of scar tissue inside my breast I was wondering if there is anything that... READ MORE

Nipple Badly Scarred

I had a breast lift about a year ago. I'm satisfied with the overall shape but the right nipple had terrible scaring. It is surrounded by scar... READ MORE

What is Scar Tissue Inside the Breast Suppose to Feel Like?

Hi, I recently had my implants removed. I decided to get a breastlift now I have hardness in my right breast is this normal? My PS tells me is scar... READ MORE

No Nipple Erection After Breast Lift

Had bilateral breast lift in Dec. '09 (no implants). Have notice more hardened scar tissue at 12 o'clock in right breast which elicites no response to... READ MORE

What Options do I have for Covering Up Breast Lift Scars?

Hello, I am about to have a lollipop breast lift and I am concerned about the scars. Is there a type of waterproof makeup or a tattoo that can cover... READ MORE

I'm Assuming I Need a Breast Lift, but Don't Like the Scarring, Do I Have Any Other Option for Better Breasts?

Due to breasfeeding I now have deflated sagging breasts. I have done my research and realize i would need a breast lift, but don't know if the... READ MORE

Is There Always Residual Scar Tissue with a Breast Lift? How Does This Impact Future Mammagrams?

I am considering a BL without augmentation. The surgeon will be using my own tissue to perform a lollipop lift. I was informed that since I have... READ MORE

Should I Be Concerned That If I Get Cresent Lift/Implants that the Scars Will Be Visible?

I'm so torn between a Full TT & reverse with mini TT. I really like the idea of keeping my natural belly button & having hidden scars... READ MORE

I need a Breast lift correction. How much would it cost? (photos)

See the irregular seams? What can I do about them? How much would it cost just to fix those lines that seem to be related to scar tissue? READ MORE

How Much Will Scar Tissue from Getting an Explant/Full Lift Interfere W/ Mammography Diagnostics?

I have only seen this touched on, very briefly, & w/o details. I would love to have my 10 yr old smooth, saline, unders removed, and will most... READ MORE

Ever heard of a breast lift done by putting sutures under the breast under the skin to form scar tissue? (photos)

I have implants and no lower pole skin or nothing. Had the breast lift just to try and prevent sagging in the future that's the only reason. My breast... READ MORE

Breast lift and scar tissue. Could this scar tissue start happening so soon after the stitches were out? 2 weeks post-op.

I am two weeks post op from a full mastoplexy. I had my stitches removed this past Tuesday. I have been having tightness around the incision on both... READ MORE

Would you recommend physical therapy for scar tissue or another surgery to remove seroma and tissue?

Can anything be done to help a Post operative seroma in pectoral muscle and bilateral fat necrosis - 4 month out, confirmed with MRI, ultrasound and... READ MORE

Can scar tissue from a breast lift cause nerve damage?

I have pain in my back that seems to stem from the scar tissue. READ MORE

Have you ever done a breast lift by putting sutures under the breast to format scar tissue in order to lift the breasts?

My Dr. Informed me he made up the name zipper technique for a breast lift claiming by putting dissolvable sutures in to form scar tissue to hold the... READ MORE

Scar tissue after a breast lift. Is there anything I can do to help thin the scar tissue?

I had a breast lift in October and was told I need to wait three months before the augmentation. When I went back in January I was told the scar... READ MORE

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