Breast Fat Transfer

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An alternative to implants, breast fat transfer uses liposuction to remove fat cells from the stomach, hips, and other fat-abundant areas of the body and gives them a new home in the breasts.

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I had surgery for tuberous breast surgery in the German public healthcare system five years ago. The result was not good, they gave me very small breast implants and a horrendous scar around my nipples and the breast looked just as before, only scarred. After my first surgery experience I was... READ MORE

I'm Getting fat transfer today after removing my 3rd set of silicone implants with capsules. You can read that review under my previous review under my profile. Overall I'm happier without implants but getting breast fat transfer to take my cup A- to a A+ or small B. I've had two kids, two... READ MORE

Circumstances have finally aligned and I find myself in a position to restore my body to my pre-pregnancy measurements. I am 49 and have always exercised. I am in good shape but have fat pockets on my waist, inner thighs, lower abs, back of arms and arm pit area. I am scheduled to have these... READ MORE

Ok, so I am just starting my journey, well kind of, because really I have been researching forever and a day. But have now decided that I want to have some boobies BEFORE the end of 2015. My lovely friend introduced me to this site a few months back and it has been an absolutely fantastic... READ MORE

I am 31 years old and feel kind of sad to see how rapidly my body has changed between age 26 and 31. While I do look better than most girls my age, I can see the RATE at which I'm aging has accelerated. So I want to make some corrections as I head down this inevitable slope of aging. These are... READ MORE

I have yet to go into the procedure yet. I have been wearing the brava for a couple weeks now and have my appointment on Thursday. I am very nervous as this is my first time every getting something like this done. I will post pics and tell you about my journey and how it goes over the next... READ MORE

I used to be a small waisted female who always wanted to gain some weight. I gained the weight but some came in unwanted areas. I have been stalking and reading this site for the past 8 months,and have gained the courage to have some tickle lipo done. I spoke with one Dr at Strax but was not... READ MORE

Hello all! I've been stalking this website for the past few months and I figured I'd document my journey here. About Me: I am 23 years, and I am in a job where maintaining my weight is very important. In fact, I am 5'4 and used to weigh about 225+ pounds (that was the number I remember seeing... READ MORE

After having been on the fitness track for six months now I decided to go all the way and get rid of the belly fat I can't seem to lose no matter what. I toiled over this decision (both from a spiritual/philosophical issue -am I just strengthening the belief in this physical body, Yadi Ya, and... READ MORE

I've been going to Dr. Kirk's office for smaller things for quite a while now, but I felt it was time to go for what I really wanted...a fat transfer breast augmentation. My consultation went very well with Dr. Kirk. In preparation of the fat transfer I have begun to use the Brava system to help... READ MORE

I have been saving up for the longest to get this fat transfer done. I'm really unhappy with my body and I don't even have kids. I'm 21 years old , and i am insecure about my breast and my butt. I weigh 142; I'm a 36b in bra size but I want to have fat transfer to my breast so I can be a c-cup ,... READ MORE

I have a scheduled fatvtransfer procedure for Nov 6th. I'm 5'4" and 120 lbs (I'm about 5-8 lbs overt comfortable weight at the moment.) I habey pre op next week and will also be discussing a simultaneous fatvtransfer to face. I've got great skin, but have a little pre jowling and receding chin... READ MORE

I have had saline implants for about 15 years and everything was fine until about 8 months ago when my right implant completely deflated. I have been researching what options are available now and decided to have fat transfer breast augmentation because they are much more natural and don't need... READ MORE

So, I have actually had this procedure done before about 3 years back (with a doctor in LA) but it was a pretty conservative change and I wanted to do it again! I kept seeing the reviews for Dr. Bednar and everything looked good so I booked the procedure on a whim and flew out to Charlotte a... READ MORE

For years I have thought about this procedure. I have a kangaroo pouch and I am now 20lbs over-weight, I feel unmotivated to workout because even when fit that pouch just will not disappear (i look pregnant). I am what you call skinny fat and most of my fat accumulates in my flanks and abdomen.... READ MORE

I want to start of stating that this is not a slam on the procedure or the clinic, simply my experience and the results. I am very active and healthy and have a bust size of 10B / 32B (my right breast is smaller than my left). I have wanted to balance out and increase the size of my breasts... READ MORE

First implants were done in 1983. I'm 5'10" and always felt out of proportion because of my flat chest. Pencil test? No idea where to put the pencil! Happy with the results. Had baby in 1987 , I nursed for 14 months. My implants were on top of the muscle. I went for an abdominal scar revision... READ MORE

I just had my breast lipofilling done 3 days ago and I thought I would share my experience to help any woman who looking for information about this technique. I'm a 27 year old mother, breastfed my two daughter and lost 10 kg after my pregnancies, leaving me with almost nothing to fill my bra..... READ MORE

I am 23 years old, have had implants and a I that I am certain I do not want implants, I am looking into fat transfer to my breasts. Most importantly for symmetry and a little added fullness. My goal is to be a full b cup! Currently an uneven a cup. Any doctors or fellow users... READ MORE

I had done a decent amount of prep work and research before hand. I started looking at the potential of the procedure in the middle of September of last year. I wanted larger breasts but didn't want to do implants, as I'm not a huge fan of the shape most of the time, didn't want to have to... READ MORE

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