Breast Fat Transfer

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An alternative to implants, breast fat transfer uses liposuction to remove fat cells from the stomach, hips, and other fat-abundant areas of the body and gives them a new home in the breasts.

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I am 5'5 and 115lbs with a lean and slender fran. I have always been uncomfortable with my breast since I was an early teenager. I could tell one was larger than the other by enough that it made it really uncomfortable to wear bras and clothing. I have a very lean and narrow frame so my breasts... READ MORE

I've been going to Dr. Kirk's office for smaller things for quite a while now, but I felt it was time to go for what I really wanted...a fat transfer breast augmentation. My consultation went very well with Dr. Kirk. In preparation of the fat transfer I have begun to use the Brava system to help... READ MORE

After having been on the fitness track for six months now I decided to go all the way and get rid of the belly fat I can't seem to lose no matter what. I toiled over this decision (both from a spiritual/philosophical issue -am I just strengthening the belief in this physical body, Yadi Ya, and... READ MORE

I used to be a small waisted female who always wanted to gain some weight. I gained the weight but some came in unwanted areas. I have been stalking and reading this site for the past 8 months,and have gained the courage to have some tickle lipo done. I spoke with one Dr at Strax but was not... READ MORE

I am 23 years old, have had implants and a I that I am certain I do not want implants, I am looking into fat transfer to my breasts. Most importantly for symmetry and a little added fullness. My goal is to be a full b cup! Currently an uneven a cup. Any doctors or fellow users... READ MORE

I had done a decent amount of prep work and research before hand. I started looking at the potential of the procedure in the middle of September of last year. I wanted larger breasts but didn't want to do implants, as I'm not a huge fan of the shape most of the time, didn't want to have to... READ MORE

I'm in my mid thirties and after breast feeding two children my previously 34B breast turned to saggy stretched out sad little things. After the second child I couldn't even create cleavage with a good push-up bra because the laxity of the skin and not enough breast tissue they looked like... READ MORE

I have always wanted to have bigger breasts, but wanted them to look natural. I decided to undergo surgery in Starnberg, Germany. Donor areas where outer thighs and knees. Right now, I am happy with the result, but well aware that the final result will show in about 2/3 months...I'll keep you... READ MORE

I have yet to go into the procedure yet. I have been wearing the brava for a couple weeks now and have my appointment on Thursday. I am very nervous as this is my first time every getting something like this done. I will post pics and tell you about my journey and how it goes over the next... READ MORE

Having been petite all my life I feel like I've always been waiting for my body to 'mature.' I noticed girls around me growing breasts later in elementary school and mostly in middle school and eagerly anticipated for my growth, which never really happened. It wasn't something I was too... READ MORE

I have an upcoming surgery taking place this Friday (and yes, I am VERY nervous). I am having a fat transfer to the breast. The fat will be harvested from my abdominal (top and lower), flanks and back. Dr. John Hamel (Waxhax, NC) will be performing the procedure. I am currently a solid B cup... READ MORE

This journey started out originally with just wanting liposuction of my lower abdomen underneath my belly button and flanks, as these have been problem areas my whole life. No matter how much weight I lost, how much I exercised, or how much I starved myself, including becoming anorexic at... READ MORE

After having two C-Sections and trying to finish up my serves in military. I difficult to maintain weight and appearance. Thinking of transferring fat in stomach to Breast. Tired of 3-a-days and constantly being told I need to diet because I am obese....LOOKING AT DOCTORS IN DOMINICAN REPUBLIC.... READ MORE

I had surgery for tuberous breast surgery in the German public healthcare system five years ago. The result was not good, they gave me very small breast implants and a horrendous scar around my nipples and the breast looked just as before, only scarred. After my first surgery experience I was... READ MORE

I have been considering for years to get implants, but always was hesitant due to being kind of grossed out by the idea of foreign objects in my body, as well as knowing they would need to be redone in 10 - 15 years. So I was watching out for the whole 'fat transfer to breast' wave which was not... READ MORE

I have been wanting to get breast augmentation for years, I never wanted to get silicone/saline implants because of future complications. it wasn't until about four years ago that I decided I wanted to do it with Fat grafting, it was still fairly new to me so I did my research, which everyone... READ MORE

I just booked a natural breast augmentation using fat transfer. I have always hated my breasts and wanted them to be larger but didn't like the idea of getting implants. When I found out about the possibility of using natural fat to increase my breast size, I was sold. I did some research and... READ MORE

Liposuction of the inner and outer thighs and transfered to my breasts that have been deflated after three kids. Dr. Stanwix has been great so far. He seems very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. I expressed my concerns for scarring associated with breast lift and he informed me about... READ MORE

So, I have just had my very first cosmetic procedure. I am 3 days post fat transfer to breasts. And yes, am having a few of those - why did I do this to my beautiful little body???? Moments. I loved/love my body, all except my tiny breasts, which looked even flatter after feeding all 3 of my... READ MORE

I decided to begin to share my journey because I have loved reading the experiences of others on here and it has been so helpful to me. I have two children that literally sucked the breasts right off me during breastfeeding. I have always been small chested which I don't mind because I'm very... READ MORE

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