Breast Fat Transfer

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An alternative to implants, breast fat transfer uses liposuction to remove fat cells from the stomach, hips, and other fat-abundant areas of the body and gives them a new home in the breasts.
Average Price: $8,475

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I've been reading reviews on realself for a little over a year and want to contribute as I start my ps journey. I am having fat transfer to my breasts in exactly two months. I've not had children or implants before, so I am using the BRAVA system (starting tonight!) to expand my breast tissue. I... READ MORE

I had my implants removed and fat grafting/transfer to my breasts. I chose this procedure because I wanted to feel natural. I also wanted my implants out forever. I am 59 years old and had my first implants at age 24. I researched the fat graft/transfer procedure, and plastic surgeons for... READ MORE

It's 3 days post surgery with Dr. Bednar and while it's still early I'm confident and happy with the results. Everybody at Dr. Bednars' office was incredibly sweet and friendly - going out of their way to make sure I was comfortable in my hotel room and I was enjoying my time in town. As for... READ MORE

Hi ladies, I can't believe I am going to post details about a PS procedure online! My story is a bit different from others I have read on this site as I am experiencing chronic joint pain/RA type symptoms I believe are related to my implants. I am hoping to have an implant removal plus... READ MORE

I have a scheduled fatvtransfer procedure for Nov 6th. I'm 5'4" and 120 lbs (I'm about 5-8 lbs overt comfortable weight at the moment.) I habey pre op next week and will also be discussing a simultaneous fatvtransfer to face. I've got great skin, but have a little pre jowling and receding chin... READ MORE

I have always been very self conscious of my breasts, size and shape. I wear a 34 B cup heavily padded push up bra. I have not inherited this size as ALL my female relatives are DD or bigger, even my daughter! Any way I booked and paid my deposit for saline breast implants, but I totally... READ MORE

I am 46 years old. I have wanted larger breasts since my 20's but not implants. I met a girl from real self who had a fat transfer with this doctor. Since she lived in my area, she was willing to meet and showed me her great results. I scheduled surgery today for April 11th and began the Brava... READ MORE

I'm another girl living in Korea, who decided to get this procedure done. When I was in high school, I had some medical problems that my doctor treated by basically putting me on steroids. I was always one of the smallest kids in my class, but after I started taking the medication, I gained a... READ MORE

I have received an email form realself although I have never used this page asking me to comment on my experience, I presume that this was on behalf of the clinic. my procedure is already half a year back, I had 335 cc anatomical implants and fat grafting to the cleavage in marbella at the... READ MORE

Horrible!! I WISH I had never met Dr Alan Kalus. I was slim, toned, but had saggy empty breasts, I saw him and was told that I was a perfect candidate for breast enlargements using my own fat...I was told put a little weight on to make it possible. I managed to gain 1 kilo over the 7 weeks, I... READ MORE

Hello I am in my late 30's and have breast fed 2 children and I have been thinking about doing this for a long time. I was initially very scared, and almost backed out, but went for it! The first days of recovery were not too bad and I only needed pain meds the first 24 hours. After that I... READ MORE

I had silicone implants for a year but had to have them removed due to complications. I was left a deflated 34B with some asymmetry. I had been thinking about natural breast augmentation for awhile and I'm hoping to fill out my breasts a little more and to go up one or two cup sizes. I am... READ MORE

Hi everyone! I'm Jenn from Salt Lake and I'm here to get some advice and encouragement (I hope!!!). I'm have a bigger frame and although my boobs are okay sized, I think they are too small on my frame, and they are a little saggy, and they look like they are pointing off to the sides too much...... READ MORE

I am not fat but i have really small breast and thick thigh. My tummy is very flat but all the fat just seem to go my thigh and not anywhere else. So Once I have saved enough money, i have decided to do something about it. I actually have consulted alot of doctors across nations, including US,... READ MORE

Like many of you, I was left deflated from pregnancy/breastfeeding. I thought about getting a breast lift with implants, but did not want to undergo another procedure in 10 years to replace the implant. I'm also not so crazy about the scars that would be left behind. I live in South Korea... READ MORE

I had my second set of saline implants with a peri areola lift in May 2005. The doctor recommended I go up from 250cc to 350cc. I did not want to go that big but since I made the mistake of bringing my husband with me for the consult, it was two against one and we agreed on 350s. I have been... READ MORE

Always small breasted but more empty after BF 3 kids, 32A or 32AA. I chose Dr Bednar because of his great results posted here. Both him and his staff were excellent. Very warm and caring. I am now 10 weeks out from the procedure. LIPO - I am petite and thin 107 lbs. Total 1700cc was taken from... READ MORE

I started a small a cup, but right side was smaller than left. Donor sites were abs, flanks, small spot inner upper thighs. One month post op, I was a b cup and looking wonderful. I'm now 3 mos post op, but have lost some retention. Breasts are much more even in size. Incisions are small and... READ MORE

First implants were done in 1983. I'm 5'10" and always felt out of proportion because of my flat chest. Pencil test? No idea where to put the pencil! Happy with the results. Had baby in 1987 , I nursed for 14 months. My implants were on top of the muscle. I went for an abdominal scar revision... READ MORE

I am planning on flying to Salt Lake City to go to Portica Cosmetic for fat transfer from my stomach to the breast area. I researched other doctors and found her office and her to be the best. I feel she will put my safety first and do an excellent job. I am having Vaser Lipo done and then... READ MORE

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