My Tummy Tuck: A Weight Has Been Lifted!

NancyM on 31 Dec 2013 at 9:00am

After tummy tuck resultsTons of plastic surgeons perform tummy tuck surgery -- but finding the one that's right for you may require a little bit of work.

RealSelf member, Heather from South Carolina, learned that choosing the right surgeon also entails taking the doctor's bedside side manner and follow-up care into consideration.

We interviewed Heather to find out more about her tummy tuck experience with Georgia-based plastic surgeon, Dr. Billy Lynn.

What made you decide to have a tummy tuck?

Between having children and being a bit overweight, I just felt embarrassed in front of my husband. It didn't show under my clothes, but you could see my saggy skin and stretch marks when my clothes were off. Other people would say, "You don't need a tummy tuck!"...  and I'd say, "Oh yes I do! You just haven't seen me!"

Last summer, I was in the garden pulling weeds and it was really hot out. My then 3-year old son was with me. I pulled my shirt up a bit to cool off and he said, "Oh! That's scary!" It was pretty funny -- and innocent -- but if my little baby said that, what must my husband think?

So, I waited until I knew I wasn't going to have any more children -- I didn't want to have it done and then ruin everything. I also needed a hysterectomy. My doctor said I could actually do both surgeries at the same time -- so that's what I did.

How do you feel post-tummy tuck?

I feel much more confident. Even though no one else really sees it -- I feel it. I feel better about myself and it shows in my personality. It's like a weight's been lifted.

I feel very confident around my husband, too. I bought a bikini and I put it on before he came home from work -- I never would've done that before! I feel sexier and it's really boosted my self-confidence.Before my tummy tuck surgery

How did you choose your plastic surgeon?

My gynecologist is a friend of Dr. Billy Lynn and referred me. He said he was a good guy and that I'd like him. I did, but I also went to see another doctor --  it was really about price, quite frankly. The other doctor was arrogant. Dr. Lynn understood me and made me feel comfortable. He understood what it was that would really make me happy.

And, the fact that he recommended that I NOT get a breast lift impressed me. He said he thought I'd be more disappointed with the scarring (than with the bit of breast sagging I have now). He wasn't trying to get more money out of me. He didn't try to sell me on any other procedures. He seemed to genuinely care about what would make me happiest.

Tummy tuck after photo

After tummy tuck results

What do you wish you knew before your tummy tuck?

My doctor was so good about explaining everything up front and what to expect. But, even though there was nothing I could've done about it -- I wish I knew that taking the drains out would be really painful.

If I were to give advice to someone, I'd say be prepared for a long recovery. I'm 7 weeks out, and I still can't mop or clean the floor. I only started walking for exercise recently -- and I have to wear my compression garment because the bouncing around can hurt.

What's next?

I'm happy -- but if I was going to consider anything it -- it probably would be some liposuction on my thighs! I can see how people want to have more done after having a good experience ... I can see how people get addicted. But, I'm very pleased with what I've had done.

The doctor is going to repair one of the incisions on my side called a "dog ear".  I hadn't even noticed it, and I'm not sure I would've to be honest, but he did.

That's the kind of doctor Dr. Lynn is -- and I was happy it was him who noticed rather than me coming back and complaining. I wondered how much this was going to cost, but he said it was included. But, I've decided to get through our family vacation first!


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Thank you for sharing your results about Tummy tuck.Your results are so fabolus
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Hello, I'm 2 weeks post op. Tat recovery is brutal. I have a lot of swollen below my belly button and it's hard. Is this normal?
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Hi, I'm 1 week post op tomorrow. I think it's normal. I'm a couple of weeks behind you - surgery was 3/24 so I'm not positive. How are you now that it's been about a week since your post? I too, have a lot of swelling & tightening - extremely tight & lots of pressure. Overall, I feel ok though. I'm a runner so this "couch potato" thing is destroying me. Hoping recovery goes well & quickly. Good luck to you. I'm sure it'll be great :)
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ive had 3 c sections the last with a hysterectomy as well... does the pain last for long? i know u had the hysterectomy with the tt right? how long did it take tip you could walk right?
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Good to know that you are recovering well. Recovering after a tummy tuck surgery is a tough job, nice to see that you are coming through. I suggest you don't do any hard work until you feel perfectly fine. Because by some case if the cut gets infected or something then it can cause a lot of trouble. In case you want to know anything else about the TT you can visit this blog
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im looking for a good place for a tummy tuck in houston tx, does anyone know of one?
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You look great!
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It's a great information about tummy tuck Houston. Some extremely valid points! I appreciate you writing this post plus the rest of the site is very good.
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It looks beautiful!!! Congrats!
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NancyM, you look amazing. The belly button and scar are flawless!
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I was thinking of doing the same thing as well. What about the scarring? And are you able to perform certain exercises like sit up,etc. And is it possible to still become pregnant and successful ones?
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You look fabulous. Thanks so much for sharing your story. How have you healed?
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Hi Heather. Great results! I just had my tummy tuck on Feb. 19th and though I am very swollen and I obviously cant see my results yet, I already love it. I had a fantastic surgeon. Dr. Stuart A Linder, from Beverly Hills. Anyhow, I was looking at your pics and it seems like your scar looks higher in your first pictures in comparison to your final picture, which is great! Does the scar seem higher due to the swelling initially? It appears your scar ended up being lower than it initially appeared. Thanks.
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Hi! I am going in for my tummy tuck this Friday the 12th of Feb. I am running around like a wild woman trying to get my family "set". Did anyone use the wedges for sleeping? Can you give me any tips? Anything you wish someone had told you to get or do before your surgery? I am so excited about this but getting nervous too. I am so excited that I am not going to have to wear 2 panty girdles all the time. I am going to have a pain ball which I have heard nothing but awesome things about and my surgeon uses an assistant surgeon to help with the stiching. He doesnt use staples but stiches you up from the inside. I used to work for a plastic surgeon in my life before kids so I know what to expect and boy have I seen the ugly side of tummy tucks! But I just want to be prepared and make this as easy on my husband as possible! Thanks!
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i am considering having tt, but not sure how big the scars is going to be. I was also interested in doing a brazilian but aurmentation with the fat from the stomock. Has anyone here had a procedure like that? Please reply . stellag
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hi stella My scars are hip to hip but i would have the scars any day compared to rolls of sagging fat and skin. I cant comment on your butt augmentation but im sure your surgeon could give you details.sorry i cant be more helpful. good luck in your decision. keep me posted. Im now 8 weeks post op and looking forward 2 getting back to my normal gym routine. regards michelle
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thankyou so much for your story heather,It's amazing the difference this surgery CAN have on your self confidence. I've just had an extended tt with major muscle repair,and a breast lift performed by a Mr Nicholas Rhodes in elland hospital yorkshire. Having previously lost over 140 pounds I was LEFT with a saggy pouched tummy and elongated pendulas breasts.Although I am from Ireland Mr Rhodes came highly reccommended,and after meeting him whilst he was in ireland on a family vacation,that alone made me realise just how patient focused he was,to give up precious family time to discuss my ideas and thoughts on the surgery.All i may add at no cost for his time, my consultation lasted 1hr 15mins. During which time all aspects of my dislike of my body, my hopes and fears and expectations were addressed.This surgeon has dramatically changed my life,and although im only 10 days post op,I feel like a new women.At my initial consultation I didnt consider having any work performed on my breasts,and didnt dicuss this with my surgeon,however after reading posts on this website and others, I decided to go with the voice of experiences fom other post tummy tuck patients with major weight loss through diet and excercise,almost all of whom combined tt with breast lift at the same time.those who did not.Later returned to have breasts lifted as because their tummys now looked so perfect,The beauty was somehow disproportionate by these pendulas breasts hanging above it. I contacted Mr Rhodes by telephone to require wether he could possibly perform both surgeries simultaniously,he said it could be done however he would dicuss it at lenght when he seen me the day pre op tt to have screening tests and blood work carrried out before surgery.When we met for my pre op tests.He examined my breasts and asked about my change of decision as i had previously not even mentioned any breast work whatso ever. H e was happily convinced that i had thought long and hard before jumping into my decision and that i was making an informed choice. I did not want any augmentation to my breasts but longed for fullness and a higher position.Mr Rhodes explained that because all my fullness was at the bottom of my breast he could not fully guarantee complete fullness to top of breast with an implant,however alot of the techniques he could apply would only be possible, depending on the quality and movement of my breast tissue,which he added would only be apparent when he would see my breasts in surgery.He assured me, that he would do his utmost to give me the most natural and full breast possible. I spent 6.5 hrs in theatre. When I awoke in recovery,i was both shocked and delighted to find i was completely pain free this has continued post op .I was prepared for major traumatic pain and discomfort,but i actually have to admit my c-section with my youngest daughter was 20 times more painfull.I have followed mr rhodes post surgery advice tsking paracetamol at regular intervals. resting but also light pottering about the garden walking to prevent leg clots.And besides from the expected post surgery swelling all is fantastic.My wounds are healing splendidly,no infection of any sort,and the neatness of the stitches on my body is unbelieveble. NOTHING HOWEVER could have prepared me for the first time i glimpsed under my surgical gown.and i came face to face with the most gorgeous beautiful pert soft natural and full rounded breasts.I still cant believe that this wonderful man was able to sculpt such beauty from such a poor specimen. This genious man took my low breast tissue and attached it to my upper chest wall thus giving the apperance of fullness.He then moved my nipples up 4 inches and removed the excess skin.I cant stop looking at these beautful creations,im SO gratefull to all those who posted about deciding to have both ops.I have spent ten years loathing my ugly body.and now have a body which looks better than it did in my teenage years.I havent even mentioned yet that I delayed looking at my tummy for days,as i still couldnt get past the excitement of my breasts.Oh what joy. MR wonderful Rhodes removed 3.5 kg of skin, fat and tissue from my tummy he did some lipo at the flanks to make sure i had a smooth contoured finish,he also crafted me a cute new adorable belly button to match.This surgery ecperience has transformed my life I just turned 40 years old in february and feel and look 15years younger/Although only 10 days post op Im happier than ive ever been.This experience is equal in measure to my joy on my wedding day,and the birth of my two wonderful daughters.I contacted Mr Nicholas Rhodes as a caterpillar pre metamorphis.This gifted talented,compassionate and perfectionist surgeon has turned me into the most beautiful butterfly.No amount of money could buy this feeling.I will be forever grateful and endebted.If you have struggled like me I hope this post will help you to make the decision to change how you feel about yourself in your life.I wish you angel blessings and pray you will be blessed with a surgeon like My WONDERFUL MR NICHOLAS RHODES AT SPIRE ELLAND HOSPITAL LEEDS ENGLAND.The whole process from start to finish has been first class in every aspect.I look forward to recommending this surgeon to everyone i know who wants WORRY FREE FANTASTIC RESULTS. THANKS AGAIN REALSELF.COM FOR ALL THE INFO THIS SITE HAS BEEN A VALUABLE RESOURCE. MANY THANKS MICHELLE
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You look great. I just had a tummy tuck done 2 wks ago and I had no idea how much pain I would be in. However, I am very happy with my surgeon's skills.I look pretty hot just 2 weeks out.I cant stand up straight yet, but when I do I will be able to stop traffic. If there is any one thinking of getting this done. It is extremely painful, but it is worth it.
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