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Double eyelid surgery or Asian blepharoplasty creates a natural crease in the eyelid that appears when the eyes are open (almost 50% of Asians are born with top eyelids that have no crease when open). LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $3,200

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I had Asian double eyelid surgery with him. The crease was made too high and caused ptosis. Judging from others' reviews he makes creases too big or too small. He flatters you so much to get you to come to him. When I raised concerns about the crease, Sharon dismissed them and made me think I... READ MORE

Wanted to get double eyelids and raised to not have to raise my forehead to see clearly all the time. Out come came out terrible, the two sides were not even, the shape was bad and the eyelids didn't look natural. The doctor redid the operation twice and it still did not come out well. I... READ MORE

I am a week or so post-operative and I found Dr. Lay through this site, so I wanted to contribute. Background: I had ptosis on my left eye that has bothered me for very long. I'm pretty sure it's genetic on my father's side: I was sitting with my cousins once and one pointed out that everyone... READ MORE

I underwent double eyelid surgery & am very happy with the results. My eyelids before were monolids & eyelashes that refused to curl up due to the excess skin weighing on them. Unless I was smiling, people would constantly ask me why I was tired or why I was annoyed - which wasn't the case, that... READ MORE

I had double eyelid surgery with Dr. Choe about 6 weeks ago and I have to say, the entire experience exceeded my expectations. Not only did I end up with great results, but the entire process from the initial consultation to the follow up appointments was beyond what I could have hoped for when... READ MORE

My experience is mixed but honest. No sugar coating. So please, no rude or judgy comments. I hope that by sharing my experience I can give perspective to others considering surgery. It's been almost two months since I had incision blepharoplasty with ptosis correction. I had the surgery for... READ MORE

Although you might be skeptical of Dr Min because he has no before and after pictures on the web, it is because he respects his patient's privacy. Before eyelid surgery, I used eyelid tape and/or fake eyelashes every day for 5 years. Everyone said that my eyelids would crease, but after 5... READ MORE

I am the world's biggest freak out queen when it comes to pain, blood, and anything to do with surgery. But I suffered from droopy lids, small eyes, and hidden lashes since birth, and so when I finally decided to get Asian Eyelid Surgery, I did a ton of research including considering clinics... READ MORE

BE WARNED: Not all drs that claim they are specialist in asian cosmetic surgery are true. They are in it for a quick buck, I learnt the hard way. I have never in my life encountered a doctor who would demonstrate such negligence towards his own patients. Dr Peter Kim generally offers the lowest... READ MORE

I got the asian double eyelid surgery done and I am finding the results to be great. Of course it has not been very long since I've had the surgery, but the Dr. Choe makes sure the healing process is being monitored for a very long period of time. I first wrote emails to the office and they... READ MORE

Dr. Lee was really great. I Had my surgery last year but decided to get a revision this year because one of my eyes was not symmetrical. It had a smaller fold than the other eye. I made an appointment with him and consulted with him about a revision surgery on one eye and he was really helpful... READ MORE

I saw Dr. Chan for Asian eyelid surgery. I don't have an eyelid crease, and wanted him to create one but in a very natural and subtle way. I didn't want to look unatural or different-- just a small amount of double eyelid. I found Dr. Chan by referral from a family member who has seen him for... READ MORE

I am a mid 20's Asian girl with EXTREME monolids (single eyelids - look at my pic). Before my surgery, I never even went out the door without wearing double eyelid tape, eyeliner, and false eyelashes to make my eyes look bigger and to resemble a double eyelid. My monolids made my eyes look tired... READ MORE

I recently underwent eyelid surgery with Dr. Kenneth Kim of Dream Surgery in Los Angeles. I went in for the procedure about a week ago and I'm extremely concerned because the incision on my right eye is longer than the one on my left eye and is very visible outside of the fold. It also curves... READ MORE

It's been almost 8/9 months since I've got my asian double eyelid surgery done. I'm currently 21 years old it's my first and last cosmetic surgery. I've always wanted double eyelids. And really, the surgery wasn't that bad. I was awake during the procedure, Dr. Choe talked and carried on a... READ MORE

I had my eyelids done because my right eye would periodically change eyelid shape and look drastically different from my other eye. This embarrassed me and made me feel like I looked like a monster. I wanted my eyelids to permanently be the same size. Shortly after having the procedure done, by... READ MORE

I have for years hated my eyes. They were uneven, small and most importantly unattractive. It made my face puffy and rounder, therefore I hid them through glasses, makeup and false eyelashes. I have a high pain tolerance so the surgery was not as painful as I anticipated. Truthfully, the... READ MORE

I had upper eye lid surgery done 6 days ago,swelling and bruising is not that worst ,I sleep with my head elevated until now,warm compress as my doctor told me until the swelling is gone and put the antiboitic he gave every morning and afternoon.I have a double eyelid already buy because of... READ MORE

I'm an asian woman who always had a double lid on the left eye and a single lid on the right eye. This looked unsightly in pictures because my right eye would always appear smaller, plus I couldn't wear makeup because it would look very uneven. I thought about eyelid surgery for at least 5 years... READ MORE

I was a stock a bond analyst for years so I always researched thoroughly before I made my picks. Never had plastic surgery before and quite intimidated.. My eyelids however, were not only drooping but also asymmetrical and I became very aware and uncomfortable by the looks of people who met me... READ MORE

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