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UltraShape is a non-invasive body contouring procedure that’s FDA-cleared to treat areas of fat on the stomach, hips, and thighs that have been resistant to diet and exercise. The machine delivers ultrasound technology through a hand-held device placed on the targeted area, which causes fat to burst and be eliminated through the body's natural metabolic process. LEARN MORE ›
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I had my first UltraShape on my abs today. The procedure was fantastic. Zero Pain and zero downtime. The procedure took less than 15 minutes and they treated the entire area I was most concerned with. The fact that I can continue my daily activities without any negative side effects was a huge... READ MORE

The procedure was fantastic! Having recently had twin daughters, I was hoping to get rid of the bulge above my pubic area. I had a series of 3 treatments spaced apart every 2 weeks. The UltraShape procedure was done at my Dermatologist's office and the results have been fantastic. I was... READ MORE

I have been exercising, taking yoga, eating healthy, etc. But my age has caught up to me. I can't get rid of my stomach. I didn't want an invasive surgery like liposuction. Ultra shape was recommended by friend who had good results. I also trusted Westlake Derm. Went for my treatments and... READ MORE

I have had both Ultrashape and Coolsculpting done on different parts of my body so I thought it would be valuable to let you know about my experience with each one. First I had Coolsculpting performed on my lower abdomen about 3 weeks ago. I don't have a lot of fat there but there... READ MORE

Had my first ultrashape treatment today and it was absolutely painless!! Staff was courteous and informative. Can't wait for my second session. Main problem area is my abdomen so I had that area done. Hopefully with diet and exercise I will see amazing results. Really was surprised how painless... READ MORE

Trying to reduce belly fat. After 3 treatments over a two month period, no change in waist size. Lost two pounds over same period apparently not from belly. They say it keeps working for up to 6 months but so far nothing. Had three treatments. They seemed to do everything right with the taping,... READ MORE

As a consistent weight trainer and loyal gym rat I have had the hardest time losing a small mass of fat on my lower belly. This is something that just about all the women in my family have...genetics...sheesh. I was very excited to see this new treatment that was noninvasive and didn't cause... READ MORE

I've completed two treatments and I already see a difference. My stomach is much flatter and less bulky and my clothes fit better. I bought a package of three, so I have 1 more treatment left. Best part is, you just lay there and it only takes about an hour. AND there's no scars or downtime to... READ MORE

I just purchased a treatment package a month ago for UltraShape and I'm really excited for my end result! I just had my second treatment on my tummy and I lost a half an inch around my waste already! The process was really easy, I was in and out in an hour! The treatment was relaxing, UltraShape... READ MORE

I just went in for my second treatment for UltraShape on my stomach (the industry standard is 3 treatments). Before my treatment I weighed in and found out that I was down 10 pounds, 6 of it being fat and 2.5% total body fat. This is incredible for me!!! The only thing that I had changed with my... READ MORE

Summer is on its way. I'm not planning on having anymore kids. This was a great time for me to get UltraShape done. I've looked into other treatments and I wasn't looking forward to bruising, swelling and having a painful experience. UltraShape is nothing like that. My UltraShape treatments at... READ MORE

Today I had my first Ultrashape treatment to my outer things. The treatment was painless and comfortable. The whole treatment took about 45 minutes. I am schedule for another treatment in three weeks and cannot wait. It is my understanding that I will see the best results after my third and... READ MORE

I have been working out like crazy, trying to get ready for beach vacation. My problem area has always been my stomach, even with proper diet & exercise. I've only had 1 treatment of Ultrashape so far but can already tell a big difference. Plus it didn't hurt at all. I can't wait to see my final... READ MORE

I am a healthy active 43 year old and I like my body but I've always had a small bit of fat below my belly button and it bothers me! I feel it when I'm wearing jeans, etc...and would love for it to go! The treatment was completely pain free! It was actually nice and relaxing. One day after,... READ MORE

My cousin talked me into it, due to her good results. Pros - comfortable, NO pain.plus lost 2 inches so far.... No down time, and no invasive surgery.no bruising Short amount of time- results. Answered all my questions Will highly recommend this procedure to all my friends. Everyone notice... READ MORE

I have been enjoying Botox and other services from Dr Bassichis for a few years now, and he and his spa team keep my face so fresh and healthy. But I recently tried the new Ultrashape laser...WOW! Not only is this treatment PAINLESS, yes I said painless, but I really got a nice results. I had... READ MORE

I just had Ultrashape on the front of my thighs 5 days ago and I can honestly say, I see a difference! I have worked out all of my adult life and eaten healthy, but even with 100 squats a day, could never be rid of my fat that stored above my knee caps. After a lot of research, I decided to... READ MORE

Had my first Ultrashape treatment at Dr. Teitelbaum's office and not only have I already seen my belly shrink a little already, but it was completely PAINLESS! His nurse, Karen, did the treatment, and she was very professional. I had Coolsculpting a couple years ago, and that was extremely... READ MORE

I had a baby and my stomach was just looser. I tried diets and excersise but nothing was working. When I went to see my doctor about another issue we was talking and they told me about UltraShape. I was quite frustrated so decided to try it. UltraShape is GREAT! I There was no pain at all and... READ MORE

After I had my baby, I had a loose belly and I tried diet and exercise but nothing worked. I was looking for a treatment but did not want to spend what Coolscuplting cost as that was the only other thing my doctor offers. Then I learnt that my doctor was doing a clinical study for ultrashape and... READ MORE

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