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Get information about tooth repair, see tooth repair pictures, and learn more from cosmetic dentists about repairing chipped teeth.
Average Price: $750

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Many dentists present themselves as gentle, quality, and so on. Dr. Zadeh does not need to make these claims, because they have been the cornerstone of his practice for over 25 years. It's really difficult to find a good dentist who actually wants to help his patients. My cleaning and exam... READ MORE

I was grinding my teeth in my sleep; when I would wake up, I would have terrible headaches. I ended up getting a bite guard. It was a little pricey; however, it was totally worth it. I sleep better, and I no longer get headaches. Now, in addition to cleaning my bite guard every morning myself, I... READ MORE

My tooth broke while eating yesterday which was a Saturday. It was a front tooth and I knew I could not wait until Monday. I was told by my neighbor to call Dr. Irvani. Luckily he was available to see me on short notice. I was fearing that I would need a crown but Dr. Irvani was able to fix it... READ MORE

Wow. I am amazed with the results. He was fine however he could not get me any better regards my persistent bleeding gums and bad breath! Besides scaling my roots he never tried anything alternative treatments or medications with a strong argument that "my insurance would not cover"; a bad... READ MORE

It has been a year since my dentist removed my right wisdom teeth due to a cavity in one that caused a lot of pain. His recommendation was to remove all of them but at the time I decided to do 2 and then come back a couple months later to remove the other 2. I have delayed the removal of... READ MORE

I didn't even want this surgery but they said I needed it in order to keep the straight teeth I had gotten from my braces.I recently just had all four of my wisdom teeth pulled out. I was under general anesthesia and they also numbed my whole mouth. They said the numbing should go away in 3-4... READ MORE

I had a tooth extracted a week or little longer ago, it was a harder extract had to do it in 2sections and had about 7 shots so was pretty numb. he did xray after extract to make sure he got it all.was done in 2 sections and can hear poping noise when i open my jaw louder then usual kinda of... READ MORE

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