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Smart Lipo (also referred to as laser liposuction) uses laser energy to liquefy fat before it’s removed from the body with a small tube called a cannula. In some cases, the doctor may not remove the fat, but allow it to be absorbed by the body and eliminated naturally. Like liposuction, it’s not intended to significantly reduce weight, but address fat that’s been resistant to diet and exercise. Some claim the treatment also tightens skin and leads to a faster recovery than other forms of lipo. LEARN MORE ›
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After two children and less than perfect eating habits I felt there was no hope for my weight loss attempts. I have up at every turn. After a discussion with my husband and chickening out of full tummy tuck I decided I was tired of putting everyone else first and ready to give myself a boost. I... READ MORE

Hello All, I am scheduled to have Laser Lipo on my lower/upper abs, flanks, and bra strap area on Jan 25, 2013. With American Lipo Centers in Virginia Beach, VA. I am super Excited and Nervous at the same time.I am 25 years old married, with no children.I am 5'4 and 147 pounds with a lot of... READ MORE

I am a 43 year-old mother of three. I brought these beautiful beings into this world by c-section. After my last baby (in 2008), I began to notice that while I got down to as low as 116 pounds (I'm 5 ft.), there was a little bulge in my tummy. I began to call it my kangaroo pouch. LOL. Well,... READ MORE

2010 is when I first thought about having smart lipo. After finding out I was pregnant again for the second time, I just knew it would be soooo hard to lose the weight the second time around and I was right...... My weight loss to Smart Lipo Journey!!!!!! Before I had my son I was... READ MORE

I was so nervous going into it because I read so many different reviews on here and not one was alike. Anyhow, I got there they prepped me by taking my blood pressure yada yada then they took my pictures, after wards I had to take about 5 pills which would help me relax and prevent any nausea.... READ MORE

I'm a 25 year old male. I used to be a little over weight in middle school and as I progressed into high school I dropped the pounds like crazy. I went from a size 36 pant to a 30 (my current size). My body looks great with my clothes on and everyone always would tell me how great I looked.... READ MORE

I had smartlipo three and half weeks ago. I wish I had found this site before hand since it has been a lot of help ever since I joined. Exercise and diet didn't work for me in my problem areas: upper and lower abdomen. I had that done as well as flanks and bra rolls. I am 4'11 130 lbs. I am glad... READ MORE

I use to be in the military and was in pretty good shape. But that was 7 yrs ago. Im 30 with no kids. I have been thinking of doing lipo for a while. I have really bad knees and its difficult to workout. Im getting my love handles and bra line done. So I hope everything goes great. I will post... READ MORE

I had my procedure done at the Golden Clinic in Alpharetta Ga. The staff Julie, Patty and Dr.nGolden where wonderful. The procedure was smooth I felt no pain during just a weird sensation of the cannula moving about. 1st day I went home slept, 2nd day I slept and moved about slowly but surely... READ MORE

I had my inner/outer thighs, lower abdomen and flanks done yesterday and other than the initial pricks and stings from anesthesia there was no pain. It was really no big deal for me at all. I thought the doc did a good job, it was cool hearing the popping sounds of the fat cells being zapped... READ MORE

I am back for more improvements :) Dr.Pakeman gave me great curves & a perfect butt and hips, and im now recovering from smartlipo of the inner thighs :))) what a huge difference!! my thighs were like barrels, and now they have a lean long look!! this is addicting... I feel so great.... READ MORE

I am 28 years old 4'11 and weigh an average of 102. I am petite but have never been happy with my arms as they have never matched the rest of my body! I always felt like they were bulky and made me look buff! ( a look I do not want ) I decided to go through with the smartlipo. The procedure... READ MORE

I first heard of smartlipo on a reality tv show and was pretty skeptical, but I looked it to it the next day at work. After going to a free consultation I decided to take the chance and do it, 7 days out I'm already loving my results. Pain wise its painful the first couple of days, the... READ MORE

I'm 32 years old and have been chubby or overweight most of my life. I am very active in social sports and keep a relatively healthy lifestyle, but could do better. A few months ago, I set the intention to change my eating habits (and drinking habits!), to become more healthy and finally lose... READ MORE

Soon to head off to my pre-op appointment with my surgeon this afternoon. I'm sure he'll have more input about expectations of the surgery than I got from his assistant on my last visit. My best understanding so far is that most of his clients go back to work in 2-5 days as long as it's not... READ MORE

Feeling pretty nervous and a bit concerned about the result - is it worth the money? will it be as good as I am hoping for? I've been reading a lot about the procedure and what to expect, but I would definitely love to hear about personal experiences and any suggestions for better results and... READ MORE

I found a lot of helpful info on this website as I contemplated having lipo, so will add my experience so far. I'm 5'6", weigh 160, and age 56. Have a major muffin top, and even in younger days always had a big belly. As I've gotten older, that stubborn tummy fat just did not bulge. In the... READ MORE

The actual surgery was cool, I was up and talking to the doctor throughout the whole procedure. I only took one vicodin the night after the surgery and nothing after that. The next day I went for a walk as advised by my doctor, it was more uncomfortable than painful. After I took off the... READ MORE

Here we go, I had such a fantastic experience with my Smart Lipo of the Chin & Neck... the results have been amazing. I am very pleased. I have now scheduled to have Smart Lipo of the Upper Arms! My personal goal is to feel good wearing a tank top or short sleeves. What I have learned out of... READ MORE

After more than a year of thinking it over, I have decided to go through with smart lipo to remove the excess fat around my waist. I am 26 yo and 175 lbs. Over the past two years my weight has bounced around between 145 and 190. I have always stored my weight around my waist, regardless of... READ MORE

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