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Smart Lipo (also referred to as laser liposuction) uses laser energy to liquefy fat before it’s removed from the body with a small tube called a cannula. In some cases, the doctor may not remove the fat, but allow it to be absorbed by the body and eliminated naturally. Like liposuction, it’s not intended to significantly reduce weight, but address fat that’s been resistant to diet and exercise. Some claim the treatment also tightens skin and leads to a faster recovery than other forms of lipo. LEARN MORE ›
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I found a lot of helpful info on this website as I contemplated having lipo, so will add my experience so far. I'm 5'6", weigh 160, and age 56. Have a major muffin top, and even in younger days always had a big belly. As I've gotten older, that stubborn tummy fat just did not bulge. In the... READ MORE

The actual surgery was cool, I was up and talking to the doctor throughout the whole procedure. I only took one vicodin the night after the surgery and nothing after that. The next day I went for a walk as advised by my doctor, it was more uncomfortable than painful. After I took off the... READ MORE

Here we go, I had such a fantastic experience with my Smart Lipo of the Chin & Neck... the results have been amazing. I am very pleased. I have now scheduled to have Smart Lipo of the Upper Arms! My personal goal is to feel good wearing a tank top or short sleeves. What I have learned out of... READ MORE

After more than a year of thinking it over, I have decided to go through with smart lipo to remove the excess fat around my waist. I am 26 yo and 175 lbs. Over the past two years my weight has bounced around between 145 and 190. I have always stored my weight around my waist, regardless of... READ MORE

I had smartlipo done yesterday, so far today I feel great. Not very sore although have not taken the garments off yet. My doctor was very gentle through the whole procedure although it was only roughly a half an hour. He removed a total of 700cc which he didnt talk to me about so I am... READ MORE

I had smartlipo on October 25, 2012 to my abs feathered into my flanks, outter thighs, and arms. I was 135 and 5'4" before surgery and I wore a size 6. I know I'm still swollen but unsure if I'm going to get the results I was hoping for. I've had two children (16 months apart) and could... READ MORE

I had a baby 2 years again via csection and got back down to my pre preggers weight in two months....but the baby pudge remained. I have tried every exercise workout and the fat will not budge. I decided today to go ahead and schedule my procedure. I will be having my procedure at NuBody... READ MORE

I had this procedure done yesterday after thinking about it for a long time. I am 5ft 2inches tall and weigh 63kg. My problem areas are mainly my outer thighs but as I was going in I thought I may as well get my tummy done and also inner thighs (although I did not have asperation on the... READ MORE

I have been reading reviews for months and this site has actually helped me choose my doctor. I am having smart lipo done on my flanks, the small of my back and stomach. The first procedure will be next Friday, December 21st and the second one on December 26th. I am nervous about the recovery... READ MORE

I'm a 39 yr old wife & mother of 3. My consultation for Smart Lipo is on Nov 9th. If the consultation goes well, I'm scheduled to have the procedure Nov 20th. Right now I'm interested in getting my bra rolls, lower/upper abs, inner thighs, & upper arms done. Those are a lot of areas... READ MORE

So far so good. I noticed results the next day. I hate the lumps so far but I'm working on them. Feed back on lumps would be nice. It's been 2 weeks today. Looking good people So it hurt way more then I thought Im a athlete now. I can not get rid of my gut. I use to weight about... READ MORE

I have my neck and chin smart lipo done in June 2011, the second day when my bandage was removed i noticed right away on my right neck still showing the fat, the skin still sagging.. i keep telling my self it will go away.. still new.. and not only the right side it has lumps and bumps... READ MORE

I am a personal trainer and I need to have a fit body without extra fat. Last year I decided to go to Thessaloniki to have smartlipo treatment. The doctor who performed my treatment is very experienced and was trained in London. I felt very comfortable with him. He promised me that I would lose... READ MORE

I am 5'2" and I weigh 138 pounds. I had a baby last year and although I have lost all the baby weight, my abdomen is still big. I researched about the smartlipo and the reason I wanted to do it is because it claims that your skin can be tighten. I am afraid of doing it because I have read that... READ MORE

34 female. 5'4" 119 pounds I've always been petite. I exercise 3-4 times per week. And I eat pretty healthy. Still there some areas that I wanted to improve. I've always had problems finding pants that fit properly, either they were to loose in my butt or to tight in my love handles ( ill post... READ MORE

I made the decision to have smart lipo this month. I had been training for a triathlon since April 2012 and was working out 6 days a week. 3 days swimming & 3 days strength training. I did gain muscle however, never lost the fat and I eat very clean. With the extent of my exercise routine I... READ MORE

Ok, so here I go. I'm a 47 year old mother of two, both c-section. Unhappy my whole life with my belly. had my first child young and never lost the stretch marks or belly hang. I went for three consults, all said I should do tummy tuck. I can't take two weeks off work and am scared of recovery,... READ MORE

I am scheduled for SmartLipo on my inner thighs next months, actually almost three weeks to go!! I am beyond excited to get the procedure done, very ready to have my inner thighs not rub on each other anymore...also, ready to finally feel good in skin tight pants! I am a 34 years old, mother of... READ MORE

Ok, I have been talking about getting my stomach area done for a a couple of years now. I wanted the liposuction and tummy tuck but I am afraid of the invasive surgery and recovery time. So I heard about SmartLipo and thought, ok, this I can do. I am scheduled for the 26th of this month. I... READ MORE

My friend had hers back, flanks and abs done and i work out all the time my flanks are not that bad, but bad enough where you're just ready for it to be done already. Hers turned out so awesome i had to try for myself... my pre op is on the 31st of oct and I have my surgery on the 6th of nov. I... READ MORE

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