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Smart Lipo is used in liposuction surgery to remove excess body fat. The device uses a laser to destroy the fat cells, which some claim tightens skin and leads to faster recovery than other forms of liposuction.  LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $5,050

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So I have been reading reviews and looking at results with Smart Lipo since January 2012. I have 3 more days before my procedure, so I feel it is time for my post. I looked into Smart Lipo because I hold all of my weight in my abdomen and I have to starve myself to lose 30 pounds to see any... READ MORE

I went in on June 28th for smart lipo of my upper/lower abdomen and flanks. I am 47 years old, 5'4" and 125 lbs. I have always felt that I have carried my excess weight around my middle, and it seems like the last place I lose weight. As I have gotten older the "middle tire" has seemed to get... READ MORE

I am a mom of four the youngest of which is four years and the oldest is 20. I have been battling with my weight for about the last nine years. I got up to 180 lbs 5'2" and have lost a little in inches but not pounds. I eat really well, clean, whole grains, no sauces or added salts and sugars. I... READ MORE

I have my consultation scheduled tomorrow morning. I did more research than I'll admit to in order to find just the right surgeon with the right experience at the best price. And I think I did! I'm pretty sure I want five areas done, lower abdomen, flanks, inner and outer thigh and... READ MORE

I have finally decided to get the Smart Lipo procedure performed on my upper & low abs, back, & flanks during June 2012. I have always had an athletic build; I've participated in sport since my teens. Even when I was at peak performance, I have always carried a few extra lbs in my... READ MORE

I have researched smartlipo for two years. I even went and got a consultation 2 years ago but the price scared me away. I am 43 years old, I exercise moderately but I am very active with my two kids. I have always had a body image issue, mainly around my middle as that is where I carry almost... READ MORE

Im 5'3 and 146 lbs, I recently gained weight but last year from eating healthy was 123. I decided to get smart lipo because even when i was 123 lbs i still had a stomach so this discouraged me because after all the work I could not lose my stomach. It is easy to lose weight on my legs and arms... READ MORE

I'm actually naturally slender and fit. People wouldn't believe I had big thick love handles :-) I eat healthy, practice yoga and cycle but it wouldn't go and getting bigger and bigger as years go by. It was time... I did my research, decided SmartLipo was for me. When I was ready to make... READ MORE

Ok as my title says its time for me. I have went to my consultation I was expecting a nurse to call me back into the doctors room but Dr. B was the one to call me back what a surprise. It was so nice to finally meet her. I had been doing my research online about smartlipo and looking at videos... READ MORE

I am a 34 year old woman who has gone up and down in weight I am going to have done: *abs up and down *inner and outer thighs *lower flanks I chose this provider because they use a combination of smart lipo and eximia which helps with the results. After the procedure I will be... READ MORE

I think if I had really, truly known, what this experience would be like, I would have thought twice. Or saved even more for a real tummy tuck. I have had two kids, and my last baby weighed over 10lbs at birth, so my stomach had been really big with him. I lost the weight but still wanted a... READ MORE

One of my friends had smart lipo last year and I really liked her results and after careful consideration, I decided to do it as well. I did lots of research and found a great doctor. I'm generally in good shape however I have let myself go in the past few months. Before... READ MORE

Hello World, I'm a 33 woman who is 5'8 and 170 lbs I have 2 beautiful daughters who I love dearly they are 10yrs apart (yes I really waited awhile). Well after my last daughter I lost a lot of weight, but my stomach and back fat I could not get rid of. I honestly can say I think those... READ MORE

I had abdominal Smartlipo on April 6. My PS used closed incision, and I had absolutely no drainage. I had significant soreness and swelling during the first 3-4 days. I went for my first post op appt 5 days after the procedure. My PS removed my stitches, and although he stated that he wasn't... READ MORE

I'm 29, 5'1, not entirely over weight, but I've been so self conscious over my stomach fat for as long as I can remember. I'm tired of going on a billion diets, trying different exercise routines and having a closet full of clothes but still feeling like nothing looks good. So, I... READ MORE

I used this website so much when making my decision to have smart lipo that I knew that once it was done, good or bad, that I would share my experience. I don't have much time now, so I will summarize and post my before and after pictures, which to me was one of the most important aspects of... READ MORE

I'm 41, 6'5", 215lbs. Smart Lipo chose me! I mentioned prior to tickle lipo on my flanks that I would like to see if the DR would do my abs for an additional $750. Prior to the lipo, a kgbdeals came for smart lipo. I called immediatly and scheduled a consult. What I hope... READ MORE

After having Regular Lipo on the inner and outer thighs a few years ago and seeing NO results, I chose Smart Lipo this time for my Arms and Neck... I LOVE THE RESULTS and I am only in week 3 of recovery. I can totally see a complete change in my arms and neck.. Surgery was easy with no pain,... READ MORE

I had my procedure done 4 days ago (May 27th). I have mixed reviews about my doctor and his staff. My consultation wasn't with the doctor (though, my other consults were with doctors). The staff didn't seem very friendly, nor were they rude. They just seemed to want to be polite, do... READ MORE

I have a small frame but always have had a tummy bulge, it runs in my family. I work out (could eat better) and have had a mini tummy tuck about 10 years ago. The tummy tuck did not last however.So tomorrow is the big day and I am nervous of course. I have reviewed most all the smart lipo... READ MORE

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