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Smart Lipo is used in liposuction surgery to remove excess body fat. The device uses a laser to destroy the fat cells, which some claim tightens skin and leads to faster recovery than other forms of liposuction.  LEARN MORE ›
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Ok, I have been talking about getting my stomach area done for a a couple of years now. I wanted the liposuction and tummy tuck but I am afraid of the invasive surgery and recovery time. So I heard about SmartLipo and thought, ok, this I can do. I am scheduled for the 26th of this month. I... READ MORE

My friend had hers back, flanks and abs done and i work out all the time my flanks are not that bad, but bad enough where you're just ready for it to be done already. Hers turned out so awesome i had to try for myself... my pre op is on the 31st of oct and I have my surgery on the 6th of nov. I... READ MORE

Ladies, I am nervous, excited and ready to get this done. After many years of going back and forth, I finally decided it was time. So, yesterday I went in for my pre-op appointment and found out my BP was up. Now this is very unusual for me. I figured it was nerves and stress from work. My... READ MORE

I got an email from a skin spa that I went to for hair laser removal. The email was promoting the procedure smart lipo. And in the ad, it said that it was a safe, effective and a much quicker recovery than traditional liposuction AND it was done under local anesthesia. I had a very minor dent... READ MORE

I just had smart lipo done on April 16th for inner/outer thighs and my knees. I' 5'6" and weigh 133lbs. I work in the fitness industry so I'm pretty active. My surgery was to get rid of what exercise could not do no matter how hard I tried. For anyone who has a low tolerance for pain please... READ MORE

I had my back, bra roll, and hips smart lipo'ed two weeks ago. So far everything has been healing nicely. HOWEVER my bra roll is slightly larger on my right side versus my left. No other areas that were worked on are uneven. A total of 3 liters of fat was removed. I was not uneven before so i am... READ MORE

Hi, I'm 40 and a long distance runner and have saddlebags and stubborn banana roll on the back of my thighs. I run at least 20 miles a week and love running in Half Marathons and will complete my 13th half this weekend in KC. I've also ran 2 full marathons and a sprint Triathlon. I... READ MORE

I am 29 years old with no kids (yet). I am 5'2 and about 125lbs (I gained 10 in muscle since I started working out regularly). I work out 2-3x/week lifting weights and running. No matter how many crunches or arm weights I lift I can't get the shape and definition I want so next Wednesday I'm... READ MORE

I am a female truck driver, that should explain it all right? I have the normal "mommy" issues of a mommy pouch on the lower stomach, and I have flabby inner thighs. I am 5'2" and weigh 149. At one point I weighed 189! Yikes. In my line of work it's easy for one to get lost in the lifestyle... READ MORE

Hello had smart Lipo in upper and lower abdomen on 9-8-2012 ... It's been a lil over a month and I love the results .. It'll take a few months before I get to we're I wanna be but with exercise and eating right I'm going to achieve what I use to look like before my daughter 2 years ago ... READ MORE

Tomorrow is the big day. I have my procedure scheduled for 8:30 at Sonobello. I have mixed feelings, I'm excited because I've always wanted to get rid of this belly and I'm finally doing something that can possibly help me, but than im nervous that I won't have the hourglass shape I want and... READ MORE

I was pretty much thin all of my life even after having 3 children. That all changed once I started depo aka the birthcontrol shot. After receiving it for 1 year my weight shifted from 135 to 150 and didn't stop, even after stopping the shot. I am now 223lbs and horrified every time I look in... READ MORE

Hi my nane is Ana i had my surgery last January as birthday present to myself, i always worked out and try to watch my calories but my belly fat seemed no noticing what i was doing. So i decide get smar lipo i was very excited and to be honest the few months after didnt notice any chage in fact... READ MORE

I'm definetly super nervous about getting Smart Lipo this coming Wednesday. I'm 24 y/o 155lbs 5'6. I haven't been able to get rid of stubborn belly fat since I gained nearly 35lbs from birth control after having my baby. I have able to get rid of 25lbs after getting rid of birth control. I still... READ MORE

Dr. Peers did a great job and procedure was not painful at all. I didn't even have to take pain meds. You will be amazed how much confidence you get when you tighten those bat wings. The worst part of the procedure was wearing the compression garment. I was awake and talking during the entire... READ MORE

My surgery is scheduled for September 14th and I am so nervous. I keep trying to debate the surgery in my head trying to decide if I actually need it. I am so unsatisfied with my body that its a real viable option for me. I'm small, 5'2, 130 lbs, 20 lbs of which I have gained within the... READ MORE

I want a BBL, been looking for a Dr contacted over 10 & all but 1 said I need a TT & they wouldn't do it unless I got that. I am 30, & don't have kids yet so that was not an option for me. I then began looking for a Dr that would do AquaLipo on me & found Dr. Carreon. She was the... READ MORE

I decided some time ago that smartlipo was something I was interested in. I'm 26 years old, 5'1 and currently weigh 150lb. Even when I was down to 135lb a couple of years ago (my goal weight), my tummy never went away, the little pooch I hate so much. I felt completely vindicated when I... READ MORE

Pros...awake the entire time, no discomfort during procedure Cons...meds had me sick (nauceous, throwing up, drowsy) Personal goals...I wanted to be happy in the skin I'm in. I recently went through a horrible break up so I needed this to boost my confidence. It's only been 1 day but I... READ MORE

I had cellulite for years, at age 35 I decided to go get it and the extra weight I gained after a miscarriage back in 2005. I went to Dr. Myles Goldflies in Myrtle Beach,Sc for my Breast Aug(under the arm pit insertion). Pre-Op I wore a size 11/13, Post-Op 6 weeks later, I'am proud to be wearing... READ MORE

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